1883 Season 1 Episode 6 Return Date at Paramount+; when is it back?

1883 Season 1 Episode 6 Return Date at Paramount+; when is it back?
1883 Season 1 Episode 6 Return Date at Paramount+; when is it back?

Are you curious about the . after the new episode of this weekend? 1883 season 1 episode 6 return date at Paramount+? We are happy to help you further in this article, especially because we know how confusing things can be.

Remember when there was a week at the beginning of the month without a new episode and everyone was confused about it because of it? Well, there could be a bit more of that, as no episode is scheduled for Sunday, January 23. However, at least we have confirmation of this today! The show returns with new episodes on January 30, and we hope to get more confirmation about new episodes in the future.

So why isn’t there a new episode next week? Well, the simplest answer we can offer here is that the show has been in production for the past few months! There’s not much of a turnaround with this show when it comes to episodes that air, and the editors and post-production team take all the time to make sure these stories are perfect.

In a perfect world we tend to think that 1883 would have filmed a few months earlier than it did so we could get a new episode a week without any delay. However, this is when the cast and crew got to work; we also know that Paramount+ didn’t want to postpone the show. They realized how important it was to them to be able to premiere the show while Yellowstone was still on air, so they chose to air the show and then air some of the season 1 episodes. Maybe that pattern will change for season 2, now that 1883 has an audience and there is less pressure to premiere it while the flagship show is on the air.


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