2022 Love Horoscope: Here's what the year has in store for Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Life often tends to be moving at such a rapid speed for air signs that they pay little attention to their love lives. Nevertheless, matters of the heart are important ones and we bring a little insight into what Gemini, Libra, Aquarius will experience this year. So, even if you haven’t been that interested in the dating scene, you might just get involved in a serious relationship instead! Read on so you’re able to choose your romance ordeals prudently.


Libra is one of the hardest workers and you begin the year with positivity. But Venus retrograde in Capricorn in the period of January makes this period an emotionally draining one. Nonetheless, your love life gets better in mid-February and March is when you realise a true spark with someone. Those desirous of a marriage may find someone dreamy between September 29 and October 22, 2022.


libra in love


While Aquarius often gets a bad reputation for being the flightiest of zodiac signs in matters of love; they simply like to take certain matters seriously. You may experience a conflict between February 1 and April 9 where you feel tied to a partner, but wish to remain a free social butterfly forever. However, the second half of the year will bring a sea of change with a lover who understands the freedom you seek and offers you space. October 2022 is an excellent time for a vacation together.

aquarius in love


This sign will be focussing on work in 2022, but leaving a little room for romance can aid you in striking a healthy balance. You can expect to take a lovely sojourn with a loved one when Venus visits your sign from June 23 to July 17. For the second half of the year, you may notice Mars in your sign from August 20. This will ensure that you’re looking to casually meet interesting people as opposed to a serious relationship. However, couples in a marriage may experience Mars retrograde from October 30 and experience serious relationship drama.

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