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Who is Khamall Dunigan?

22 year old Detroit’s Native Khamall Dunigan is no stranger to hard work. The serial entrepreneur now lives in Orlando, Florida offering massive value and mentorship as part of an underground group of entrepreneurs who travel the world mentoring thousands of individuals providing the blueprint on how to become a successful digital entrepreneur & monetized influencer. Khamall is also studying Digital Cinematography and Psychology in the mix of all the madness looking to create one of the largest Media Content Agencies in North America.

Khamall began his entrepreneurship journey by starting a small media marketing company that helped small businesses generate a strong online presence. He used different marketing tools such as social media platforms, SEO, and Pay-Per-Click Advertising to increase their brand awareness and online presence.

He founded TTP Global, an elite group of entrepreneurs who help people learn how to make their money work for them. The education platform has taught over 300,000 people worldwide on how to make money without spending their entire life working.

“I work with world-class entrepreneurs such as  Jay Awal, Jason Brown, Matt Rosa, Jason Stone, the “Millionaire Mentor” ,” he explains. “Our platform is just as useful to a beginner with zero experience and limited capital as it is to an experienced entrepreneur with unlimited capital.”

What are TTP Global & WiFi Money Secrets by MXM The Movement?

Are you familiar with Harvard, Yale, or M.I.T.? The purpose of The Wifi Money Secrets Masterclass is in the same industry. The primary difference with us is the people we serve. They primarily target academically successful students looking to become an elite employee, while we serve all individuals and especially those with entrepreneurial desires, of becoming a business owner and investor.

TTP Global is the forefront of GenX & Millennials coming together to learn and earn from the comfort of their own home. “ Our movement is that avenue to becoming the entrepreneur or investor you’re seeking to become. We are entrepreneurs who are all working towards a common goal to save our generations to come and those before from Financial Slavery. “ Khamall says. The vision for 2021 is pretty simple. TTP Global is working diligently & on course to impact 1 Million students all around the world, showing them a step by step blueprint to gain access to the tools needed to obtain financial and time freedom and pass the skill sets down for generations to come.

How exactly does TTP Global help others make money online?

We provide bespoke e-learning, group coaching and one-on-one coaching designed to get you to your goals, fast. Statistics show that 7% of people who purchase an online course actually finish it and that’s because most online courses only provide one facet of learning. Which is the educational videos, and lets be real; all the information in the world can’t make a dent in your income. It’s the application of that information and that’s why we created a community, a culture where the environment is conducive to growth and an accountability system that sees that growth to and through. We created TTP Global sponsored by MxM The Movement to provide people with a step-by-step plan that helps them grow and level up their life and develop more of an impact in their community and income all while reducing risk and maximizing reward.

Who do you think is a good fit for TTP Global ?

The lost visionaries, those who feel like it isn’t possible to make a massive financial change from the comfort of their home. The individuals who have the desire to do more and have more out of life. Those who have vision and are willing to stay committed even when things get a little tough.

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