5 best sports books of all time

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A player has a lot to say, be it his struggle or frustration; achievements, setbacks or bounce back in the game… everything is worth mentioning. And the best way to tell his story is to write a book; Given here is the list of some five Greatest Sports Books of All Time.

List of 5 Best Sports Books

The Sweet Science – AJ Liebling (1956)

Considered one of the best sports books ever written, the book is in fact a collection of essays from all the major sports incidents in the first half of the 20th century. In addition, Liebling’s previous experience as a war correspondent here helped him add a humane touch to the story. That explains why this book has been named the greatest sports book of all time by Sports Illustrated.

Fever pitch: Nick Hornby (1991)

Fans are insane; they do crazy things just like a football fan named Nick Hornby and Fever Pitch is the chronicle of his lifelong obsession. Popularity of each game is measured in the number of fans. A diehard Arsenal fan, Hornby devoted each chapter of the book to the specific match, followed by his reaction of joy, frustration and anger. Part sporty, part comedy, part memoir; it is considered a modern classic.

Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game: Michael Lewis (2003)

General Manager of the Oakland Athletics, Billy Bean wants to build a good baseball team within a reasonable budget. He brainstormed about it and ended up using sabermetrics to hone players and win games. Full of statistics, psychology of game, figure, data analysis and of course baseball, the book was also turned into a movie. Definitely a must read!

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Straight drive: Sunil Gavaskar (2009)

No sportsbook list can be completed without the mention of cricket. So here is one such book, straight from the cricket world, written by “little master: Sunil Gavaskar”. Straight Drive is a thoughtful account by this legendary batsman on a wide variety of cricket themes. Called as timeless as the author; Straight Drive is thought provoking, sharp yet funny. It is a must have for all cricket lovers.

The Race of My Life: Milkha Singh (2013)

Nearly dying during the division of India and Pakistan, then juvenile delinquent who fired the police, then running in army camps for just one glass of milk a day and finally running to get India its first gold medal at the Commonwealth Games; The race of my life is the story of Milkha Singh. Baptized as the Flying Sikh, Milkha Singh’s story is gripping, powerful and inspiring to read for all.

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