8 facts about music you need to know

8 facts about music you need to know

Anyone who has never felt their heart flutter, their skin crawl or their eyes water with a set of musical notes doesn’t know what it’s like to live.  

Exaggerations aside, it is inevitable to agree that music is capable of impacting us on different levels and situations: from euphoria at a party to lonely crying.  

So, of course, you already know what Here comes the Sun or Twisted Nerve, Kill Bill’s theme, can do to us.  


However, there are 7 facts about music that deserve to be said out loud – some might surprise you. Check it out. 

Depends on the voids, on the silence

As in architecture or in life, without empty spaces there would be no music. After all, what determines a rhythm is precisely the cadence, speed, beats, etc. Without contrast, there is no image, without silence, there is no music.

Talk to the beat of our heart

What determines the effects of a song? Simple: the rhythm – of our heart. That’s because the normal pulse rate for humans is 65 to 80 beats per minute. The more below this average the rhythm of the music, the more relaxing. The more superior, the more stimulating.

Jeentenge hum: A song that spread positivity all over India

In 2020, the song Jeetenge Hum rallied the Indian people together to conquer the trials that India faced during that year. Thanks to Jeentenge hum campaign at Lottoland, this song recorded by the young star Dhvano Bhanushali, Lijo George and Dj Chetas came to life to kindle all the Indians’ spirits with its positive message; a message just full of hope. The message swiftly spread across the whole country, helping the people cope with the situation. Thus, music once again helped people see the good and heal their wounds even.

Makes us feel what we don’t feel

Music has the ability to generate mental images and feelings that don’t have to have a link to what we’re feeling or something we’re experiencing. In other words, we don’t need to be at a beach party to feel this vibe, or be suffering for love to feel the sadness of a song that speaks of disappointment. Even without having ever lived a certain situation, we are capable of feeling it.

There are at least 13 emotions that music can cause 

Fun, joy, eroticism, beauty, relaxation, sadness, dream, triumph, anxiety, fear, annoyance, challenge and excitement are emotions mapped by a scientific study that considered different musical styles.

Your brain takes 0.3 second to recognize your favorite song

A research from London investigated what happens when we hear any sign of a song we really like. In 100 milliseconds the pupil dilates, and soon after our memory is activated and detects the music (even if at an unconscious level). And this relationship is so strong that even people with dementia have preserved musical memory.

It’s universal and primitive

It doesn’t matter where you live or what language you speak: when a song plays, you know how to dance to it and feel the same as a person from another country and culture. That’s because music provokes in us very primitive things that are in our collective unconscious. It is so universal that it transcends human civilization. Do you doubt it? Well, get this: some studies hypothesize that music emerged as a primitive kind of communication.

It complements our mood

We can either be more relaxed or focused listening to a certain type of music or vice versa: it is normal to want to listen to some more introspective music when we are sad. Or romantic songs if we’re in love. This serves to categorize music in recent streaming platforms, such as spotify.  

If before the songs were classified only by genre, they are now categorized and organized into playlists considering moods and situations that we are living or want to live.  


And these are just some of the reasons why we couldn’t stop having our special own playlist.

After all, art, music, lifestyle and sport make up our world. More than t-shirts and clothes, what we do is defend a way of living that is fuller, more integrated and broader.  

We believe that neither the world nor we have limits – and it is up to each one to define what matters. Because the possibilities are many, but only some things deserve to be lived. 

And we think these 76 songs deserve to be heard. So, come enjoy the mood booster in this special playlist put together to make you feel better! 

Oh! Enjoy and tell us what you think the 77th song of this selection should be! If you have any ideas, leave you suggestions in the comments section down below. You can also add another benefit of music, one that we didn’t mention.


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