A Month to Go for NDA 2 Exam 2022, Prepare with Right Strategies

A Month to Go for NDA 2 Exam 2022

NDA 2 exam is scheduled to be conducted on September 04, 2022. About 5 lakh candidates have applied to take the exam in this cycle. The aspirants must already be in the middle of their preparations. However, appearing for a competitive exam can often get overwhelming and they can feel lost. Here are some tips and tricks to guide them through the preparation so they give their best in the exam. 

While preparing for any exam, it is mandatory to be clear about its NDA exam pattern and syllabus. They are available on the official website of NDA. Some brief details about the exam pattern are given below, as well.

NDA Written Exam Pattern

  • Number of Sections– Two (Mathematics and General Ability Test). 
  • No. of Questions– 270 (120+ 150) questions
  • Total Marks– 900 (300+600)
  • Exam Duration– 5 Hours (2.5 Hours+2.5 Hours)

After having a clear idea of the exam pattern and syllabus, it’s turn to be get in the zone and start preparing for the exam. Some of the best tips for the same are given below.


Make a Schedule

The most important step for any preparation is making a schedule and sticking to it. Make sure to plan your studies based on the number of days left for the exam. Divide the syllabus into and easy and difficult topics. Assign certain number of days to each of them and set weekly goals. Spare the last few days for revision of old topics only. Ensure to cover the complete syllabus and keep track of your performance. 

Go Through the Basics

Once the schedule is ready, it is time to get on with studying. Refer to the syllabus and check if you are familiar with the basics. If you feel confident then you can jump to mock tests and previous year question papers to test your knowledge. After that, you can go back to studying and revising the topics you have issues with. This would help you in saving the some time. 

However, if you’re not confident about your basics, you can start with the concepts of the relevant topics and then move onto the formulas. The syllabus for NDA is very similar to the syllabus of Class 11 and 12, thus it would not be very difficult to understand the topics.

Making Notes 

While studying any topic, maintain a separate copy of notes where you jot down summaries and formulas. This would be helpful while quick revisions and last minute preparations before the exams.

Also, while solving the previous year question papers, you would find repeated or similar questions. Some of these questions are tricky and require a different approach to solve. It is better to note such questions and the techniques to solve them. It would make coming back and revising them easier.

Working on General Knowledge

Apart from covering the syllabus, it is important to be aware of the general knowledge and current affairs. Thus, take time to read newspapers, articles, journals, etc. and stay updated with events around the world. Regular reading would also help with your English language skills. It will benefit you not only in the English section of the exam but during the SSB Interview round too.

Mock Tests and Previous Years’ Question Papers

Take as many mock tests as possible and solve previous years’ question papers. Regular practic enable you to identify your weaknesses, work on them and then analyse your progress.

It also aids in time management. While taking the tests or solving papers, make sure to finish the questions before the time limit. Try to improve your question-solving speed with each test while maintaining the accuracy. 

Tackling Bouncer Questions

There are some bouncer questions asked in the NDA exam. These questions need more time in understanding the concept of the question rather than in solving it. Many candidates waste a lot of time on such questions resulting in failure to solve the others. To avoid this, ensure not to spend more than 2 minutes on any question. If a question takes more time, leave it and come back to it later if you have extra time left after solving all the questions. Inculcate this habit while practising the question papers to identify such questions easily in the exam. 


Revision is the most important step right before the exam. It is utmost necessary to go through all the topics you have learnt right before the exam for better retention. Do not waste time learning any new topic in the last few days leading to the exam. 

It is important to remember that you have to clear the minimum qualifying marks in the written test to be eligible for the interview round. The qualifying marks are different for each cycle of NDA exam. In NDA 1 2021, the minimum required marks were 343 while in NDA 2 2021, they were 355. In 2020, candidates had to score 355 for both the cycles. Thus, it is safe to say the candidates must achieve a score around 360 or 370 marks to clear the written exam. 

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