Aamir Khan’s Bodyguard’s Annual Salary Equivalent to Cost of Spacious 2 BHK Flat in Mumbai

Bollywood actors are used to fanfare around them when they step out in public. In such a scenario, security becomes a very important factor for the star. It is also not easy to keep up with them and the scores of fans they find themselves surrounded with all the time.

It has now come to light who Aamir Khan’s personal bodyguard Yuvraj Ghorpade is. As per a DNA report, he wanted to be a bodybuilder but ended up working for Aamir. A school dropout at the age of 16, Yuvraj’s life took a turn when he joined Ace Security and subsequently got on Aamir’s security team.

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In a former interview with Express Tribune, Aamir’s bodyguard Yuvraj had said, “The future was dark for me as I was doing odd jobs for survival until I decided to join Ace Security nine years ago. Today, I am the bodyguard for (the actor-producer-director) Aamir Khan and many of my friends are envious of the fact that I roam with such a big celebrity all the time.”

As per a Times Now report, Yuvraj takes home around Rs 2 crore annually. This is a whopping salary which can even get you a good, 2 BHK house in upscale Mumbai localities like Kandivali, Jogeshwari etc which is famous for high property rates.

Earlier, we had shared how Shah Rukh Khan’s bodyguard Ravi Singh earns Rs 2.7 crore annually by providing security to the Bollywood star. Not just Ravi, but many bodyguards of the film stars are known to be paid hugely – sometimes more than a lot of CTOs and CEOs of a lot of organisations. Some of the other bodyguards who are reportedly known to be paid well are Anushka Sharma’s security Sonu, Deepika Padukone’s bodyguard Jalal, Salman Khan’s security man Shera to Akshay Kumar’s bodyguard Shreysay Thele.

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