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Adhira Movie


‘Adhira’ is a superhero biopic on the life of an adolescent boy. He undergoes extensive training to become a hero, and the film will release in six languages – Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada. It will be directed by K Niranjan Reddy, and the film’s visuals are on par with those of Hollywood movies. Music director Gowrihari has composed the music, and Dasaradhi Shivendra is handling the camera.

Adhira Movie Details

Director Prasanth Varma
Producer K Niranjan Reddy
Genre Superhero Drama
Cast Kalyan Dasari
Cinematographer Shivendra
Editor Srikanth Patnaik R
Music Gowrahari
Production Company Prime show Entertainment
Release date 2023
Language Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada

A new superhero movie is in the works – Prasanth Varma has announced it. The film is bankrolled by DVV Entertainment and is the silver-display debut of Kalyan Dasari, son of producer DVV Danayya. The teaser has already made a splash on the internet and it depicts a young man with lightning powers, saving a dying man and saving the world from evil. A mysterious sword emitted by the hero is long enough to reach the sky, reminiscent of He-Man.

Adhira Movie (2023): Kalyan Dasari

The name Adhira was a hit in India after it was first introduced as a superman in a comic book. The character’s superpowers were revealed in the manga form, but the name was only used for the movie. The title has been selected to make the movie memorable for children. It’s worth mentioning that the director of the film, Prasanth Varma, has the son of DVV Danayya, Kalyan Dasari. The trailer shows the superhero in action, and the lightning-emitting sword has long enough to touch the sky. Compared to other superheroes, this is not a conventional superhero film.

“Adhira”, a pan-Indian superhero movie, is a film helmed by director Prasanth Varma, bankrolled by Nirajan Reddy. It also marks the silver screen debut of Kalyan Dasari, the son of DVV Danayyya. The teaser introduces the main character, a man with lightning powers, who fights bad guys and saves a dying man with a sword that emits lightning. The teaser reminds me of He-Man.

Prasanth Varma has announced that the film will feature a lightning-emitting superhero. The movie is bankrolled by DVV Entertainment and is the directorial debut of the son of DVV Danayya. The film’s soundtrack is composed by Gowrahari, and the route images are by Shivendra. While the title might seem like an oxymoron, it’s a unique and exciting superhero story – and it’s a must-watch.

The Adhira movie has been a long time in the making. The film’s teaser has already gone viral on Netflix. The trailer has been accompanied by a teaser and first look. It is an action-filled superhero biopic and has a plot that evokes nostalgia in many people. As a result, it’s a movie that won’t fail to entertain. The film’s music score is a major draw.

As a superhero movie, Adhira is a superhero based on the life of a superhero in a small town. The film is bankrolled by DVV Entertainment and marks the silver display debut of the son of DVV Danayya. The film’s teaser features a young man with lightning powers, saving a dying man, and wielding a sword that emits lightning long enough to reach the sky. It reminds us of the He-Man cartoon characters and has been touted as one of the best films of the year.

The film is a superhero pan-Indian project, with Prasanth Varma as the director. Despite being an action-packed superhero pan-Indian film, it is an epic story that is geared towards a diverse audience. The actors who star in the film are Kalyan Dasari, Prasanth Varma, and Nirajan Reddy. The filmmakers have used an all-star cast for the film, with the latter playing a young Kalyan Dasari.

The Adhira movie is a superhero drama set in a medieval city. It stars Prasanth Varma as a superhero, a savior, and a superhero. The trailer shows a man with lightning powers, fighting evil people, and saving a dying man. The film’s name evokes the classic comic book heroes, He-Man, and the superhero movies of the ’60s.

The movie is bankrolled by DVV Entertainment and Prasanth Varma and marks the debut of the son of producer DVV Danayyya. The movie’s teaser depicts a superhero with lightning powers, saving a dying man, and preventing a dangerous situation. A mystical sword, which emits lightning long enough to reach the sky, is seen in the film’s trailer.



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Adhira Movie


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