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Advanced SEO Tips | Best Latest SEO Tricks for 2021



Advanced SEO Tips | Best Latest SEO Tricks for 2021
Advanced SEO Tips | Best Latest SEO Tricks for 2021

Advanced SEO Tips | Best Latest SEO Tricks for 2021

Advanced SEO Tips: Blogging has changed to a great extent now, the old SEO Tips And Tricks are not as useful nowadays as they used to be. So in our Advanced SEO Tips article, we’ll give you information about Latest SEO Tips for 2021.

We have already explained in our earlier Posts what SEO Importance for Blog. In this article, we will tell you how to improve the kind of SEO we used to do by resorting to the Latest And Advanced SEO Tips.

Everything changes over time, the same thing Blogging and SEO are now fit. Every day, many Bloggers hear that the old SEO Tricks no longer work at all. So what should we New to SEO Blog now?

Many things in the world of Blogging Help to Improve the Rankings of our Blog. But now the meaning of SEO for Google has also changed over time. All these things were very Common and everyone used to Implement them.

But now all those Search Engine Optimization Tips are not visible for any work, it is our own Experience. Therefore, it would be better to try Advanced SEO Tips And Tricks than to get into all these things.

Let’s first know which SEO Tricks Blog Ranking really Improve before. But that doesn’t happen now. Also, know what you should do to Perfect SEO blogs now.

Latest SEO Tips And Tricks For 2021 – Advanced SEO Tips 

(1) Keyword In Domain – Until recently, everyone was after this SEO Formula and did it. That means anyone who created his new Blog Domain Purchase a big Keyword.

The intention behind this was that their Keyword would easily Rank on the First Page of Google, and believe me, it used to happen. Google used to Rank Related Post from the Keyword in the Domain.

What you should do in 2021 –

Now, instead of putting a Keyword in the Domain, you choose a Unique Domain Name that matches your Niche. This is the latest information on the SEO for new Bloggers. Now Domain Name’s not so important, just choose a small and good Domain.

Advanced SEO Tips | Best Latest SEO Tricks for 2021

Advanced SEO Tips | Best Latest SEO Tricks for 2021

(2) taking Backlink by Guest Post – Guest Posting to get Do-Follow Backlink from other Blogs was one of the most popular SEO Tricks that everyone still takes to work. As soon as Backlink Index, she would really lift the Ranking of our Blog with a jerk.

But now the Rules of Guest Posting have also changed and the Google has become very strict about the Do-Follow Backlinks that have been created in this way. It is our Personal Experience that Backlinks for Guest posts no longer benefit you that much.

Rather, if you’re constantly making Backlinks by Guest Posting, you may suffer a reverse loss, you may Rankings Decrease. If you’ve created a new blog and you want to make a Do-Follow Backlinks for it, just stop.

First, understand the point completely. According to our Personal Experience, Google now gives you the benefit of only 1 or 2 Do-Follow Backlinks made by Guest Posting.

Even then, if you continue to Guest Post in greed, you will fall every time you Backlink Index instead of Ranking Improve. Many people may not be willing to accept what we say, but you will try it yourself.

So what should you do now –

So we say that if you have created a new Blog, make only 1 or 2 Backlinks the first year. These are some Advanced SEO Tips that are now very important to know for new Bloggers. Create a Profile Backlinks for your DA if you want to increase it.

Anyway, there’s no Importance of Backlinks anymore. Google has made it clear that if someone has Content, he will Rank it, whether he has made Backlinks or not. Even if his DA is low. So focus on Content Quality instead of Backlinks.

(3) Repeated Repeat of Main Keyword – this Blackhat Technic was Use by many Bloggers and they also took advantage of it for a long time. Yes, if you used to Repeat your Focus Keyword more often in your post, your post used to Rank good.

But late in the day, Google caught hold of the Trick. Now if you do this, leave Post in Top and your entire Website will be Down Ranking. Doing so can now give you Penalty Google.

What to do now –

Use your Focus Keyword only 4-5 times in a Natural way whenever you type Post. We have mentioned where to Insert Main Keyword in this post Keyword what it is. Some people say Yoast SEO shows us Red Signal to Keyword Use less often.

Advanced SEO Tips | Best Latest SEO Tricks for 2021

Advanced SEO Tips | Best Latest SEO Tricks for 2021

So we say you have to follow Google and not the Guidelines of the Yoast SEO. Google is very sensible and immediately understands the Topic on which you are writing the post and the Keywords on which it can be Rank.

(4) Promote Post as much as you can – these Search Engine Optimization Tricks adopted Bloggers who had a good Budget. And because of this Trick of Paid Promotion, his Posts were always on Top. But now it doesn’t work even Formula.

Earlier, some Bloggers would Publish their Post and get it Paid Promotion Start on Facebook, which led to thousands of people coming to that post. Google considered him Viral Post because of the huge Traffic on the post.

As soon as she was Post Index, she would come straight before Google. But this Technic was causing a lot of damage to Bloggers who were Talented but did not have Promotion money. After all, Google understood it, and now it doesn’t work SEO Trick.

What to do now –

We don’t say you shouldn’t Promotion your Posts, of course. But just running after Facebook Traffic can’t Blog Successful you. Because the real Traffic in Blogging is considered to be what comes from Search Engines.

Rather, too Facebook Traffic can also bring Ad Limit-like Problem to your Adsense, reducing your Earning by 70%. Promote Post, not to Traffic but just to get Index quickly.

If you focus more on your Content and make it Unique, even if your post Traffic less than Facebook, Google will definitely bring it to the Top. These are Advanced SEO Tips that will surely help your Blog to implement.

(5) Creating Backlinks for Post – Earlier people started making Backlinks for it as soon as they Post Publish. The more Backlinks there were, the better Rank Post did. But now this thing has also changed completely.

Now if you make too many Backlinks for one of your Posts, but if Google doesn’t like your Post so much, Google doesn’t give him the benefit of such a many Backlinks. So just stop wasting time behind this thing.

How to SEO Post in 2021

Now you need to focus more on Quality Content than Backlinks to get your Post Rank. If you have a Post Unique and are better than Posts that are on the First Page of the Already Google, Google will definitely bring it to Top late in the day.

(6) Use of Numbers in Permalink – there is no denying that Numbers Add in the first Permalink certainly benefited the Bloggers. Many old Bloggers used to do this and they are still doing it today.

What to do now –

You need to pay attention to the Structure of the Permalink so that the SEO of the Post is correct. Your Permalink should be absolutely Simple and Short. Words like “Top” “Best” “Amazing” and “Hilarious” are also now Google boring.

(7) Use more Images – Earlier, if you Use more Images in your Posts, the Bloggers would definitely benefit from it. Because Google Rank him as a Complete Article. But now Google doesn’t do that at all.

Because people started taking advantage of this thing. They also Use Images in their Post where they were not needed. Rather, because of the Images, Google Down your Page because of its low Loading Speed.

What Latest SEO Tips say –

Now you don’t have to fill your Post and put Images but just Image Use where it’s needed. As an Example, you should Use only 2 Images in one of your 1,000 Word Post. Yes, if you need Screenshots to explain, do Use.

This was information related to the latest SEO that will prove to be of use to you. The most important thing is that there is no need to think too much about SEO. It is no longer wise to waste too much time to improve SEO. Focus on making your Post different from others and Quality Post.

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