Ajay Devgn Recreates His Iconic Split Stunt with Trucks, Promises Double Dose of Entertainment This Time

Ajay Devgn’s bike split stunt from his debut movie Phool Aur Kaante is one of the most iconic action sequences from Hindi films. The stunt became so popular that it was associated with Ajay’s image as a stunt hero. Over the years, the actor has been recreating it — sometimes on car, sometimes even on horses. So, when Ajay posted a clip of the action sequence’s recreation on a pair of trucks, fans could not stop themselves from going gaga over it.

Ajay posted a teaser video hinting at something big coming up on September 15 and promised his fans a double dose of entertainment and value. Sharing the clip-on Instagram, Ajay wrote, “This reminded me of the split that I did 30 years back! Bringing to you, double the guarantee of entertainment and value. Stay tuned to know more.”

The video posted by Ajay garnered over 3 lakh views within a few hours of its upload. Fans flooded the comment session expressing their excitement over the recreation of the stunt. Some even wondered what the next prop in the stunt recreation would be. A user suggested that Ajay should use trains in his next stunt and then try it with planes.

Meanwhile, some users suggested that the teaser could possibly be an advertisement of trucks and were very similar to Hollywood actor Jean Claude Van Damme’s split stunt for a Volvo truck commercial. “Looks similar to Volvo truck ad with JCVD,” wrote a user in his reaction.

Incidentally, Ajay happens to be the brand ambassador of Mahindra Prima trucks and the speculations about the video being a teaser of an upcoming ad film could be reality. But, we will have to wait for the official release promised on September 15.

Whatever it is, we are excitedly looking forward to the recreation and the promised double dose of ‘entertainment and value’.

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