Alfred Hitchcock Movies: List of Some Famous Movies!


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Alfred Hitchcock Movies: List of Some Famous Movies!
Alfred Hitchcock Movies: List of Some Famous Movies!

Some Popular and Interesting Movies You Will Like to Watch Alfred Hitchcock. He was a filmmaker and was known as the Master of Suspense because he made so many thriller, romantic and other films that were popular at the time and are still watched by many fans.

He directed more than 50 feature films in his life and he died on Apr 29, 1980. He started his career from the debut silent movie where no words are used to describe actions and he started with the movie The Pleasure Garden which came out in 1925.

He then went on to make thriller films and from that time on he started to achieve success with his first film The Lodger: A Tale of London’s Mist in 1927 he went on to make Blackmail in 1929, The 39 Steps 1935 and The Lady Vanishes in 1938, his popular thriller films at the time.

Now let’s talk about his hit movies that are still watched by everyone.

The birds

This film is still watched by many and the film is based on the short story by Daphne du Maurier. This film by Hitchcock is not so much dramatic, but a good masterpiece and an indispensable film to show terror in a slow way. Hitchcock uses his imagination and skills to show birds turning into villains.

The 39 steps

The 39 Steps still remains Hitchcock’s masterpiece after being the 2nd film after his first hit – The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog. The 39 step movie is the thriller film which was ranked as the best British film and 4th by the British Institute and a hit film in 1999 and the story is based on the 1915 adventure novel.

Watch Derrick Borte’s Unhinged 2020 thriller and action movie that features the main antagonist or character Tom Cooper is mentally disturbed and takes the revenge from his ex-wife and her boyfriend along with another victim who crossed his path.

Shadow of a Doubt came in 1943

It is a thriller movie and one of Alfred Hitchcock’s favorite movies of the suburban nightmare. In this Charlie, played by Teresa Wright, a young woman finds out that the serial killer they find is her uncle.

Joseph Cotten played the best lead role of the villain in this movie and attracted audiences to watch the movie again and again.

Strangers on the train

Misunderstanding leads to many wrongful acts in real life and this film too is based on that type, taking them into a mess of murder and menace as it is created between a young tennis player Farley Granger and a psychopath. Strangers on the train is based on the same name by Patricia Highsmith in 1950.

And this movie got mixed reviews from the critics because of its storyline. The film is a dark comedy with bold styles that Hitchcock put in Strangers.


Psycho came in 1960 and this is the time from which modern horror began. Psycho is the movie that hit the box office and made more revenue from the sound movie that came in a black and white screen and made the audience scream loudly in the theaters.

You can call this movie the father of all movies as the movie is still a shocking movie with more twists in the story.

Gone Girl is one of the highly rated movies Amy had a lot of planning to do false things to give a lesson to his husband who cheats on her wife and also wanted to win her husband back because she had a fever of love for his husband, so she wanted him back in her life.. Gone Girl 2: Will there be a sequel to Gone Girl?

Notorious 1946

It is Hitchcock’s romantic and lovable 1946 film and remains the greatest masterpiece of all films.

Rebecca 1940

In this movie, Rebecca and Maxim are a married couple, but she faces death due to an accident and Maxim, a wealthy businessman, gets into trouble due to the death of her wife. He then married another woman and she discovers that Rebecca, Maxim’s first dead wife, still has a large stake in Manderley after her death and this shocks her.

It’s the last year of 2020 Thriller and black comedy film in which a greedy or shark or you can call her a scammer wife cheats people and takes over property from the elderly and she does it in an easy way by seeking permission from the court in the name of taking care of old people.

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