Alia Bhatt to Kareena Kapoor Khan : 7 divas who showed how to glam up gorgeously for virtual meetings

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If you belong to the WFH club, we’re guessing virtual meetings are regular. Occasionally, this adds up to parties, brunches, dates, or a good thirty-minute chat with your dearest ones. No matter what plans you have, your goal stays unchanged: makeup vanity is sure to play the starring role in your life as the camera will be occupying a front seat. If you think your days are getting too bleak by staying indoors for most of your day, let makeup be the therapeutic blanket that can keep you in a glamour-filled zone. 


Below are the celebrities who showed what a mesmerising game a black eyeliner to a bright lipstick and a highlighter can bring to your desk. In the age of minimalism, let’s indulge in some fun that won’t cost us all our time. Grabbed your beauty kit, yet? 


Kareena Kapoor Khan 


beauty1 alia bhatt kareena kapoor khan glam virtual meetings


Dewy makeup is quick to greet you with much charm but when powered by the warmth of monochrome makeup, nothing gets better. The key lies in moisturising your skin amply and following it up with a hydrating foundation. Use a creamy peach eyeshadow and ensure to match it with a blush and a satin finish lipstick. Use kohl on your upper eyelids and enhance your eyelashes with mascara.


Deepika Padukone 


beauty2 alia bhatt kareena kapoor khan glam virtual meetings


The diva loves a good smokey eye but when she trusts a lipstick to do all the talking, it’s a treat! Let your lips do the talking and not your eyes, you don’t have your mask on at home, right? Groom your eyebrows with powder or pencil, you can absolutely play safe with brown than black for it can be more obvious if you tend to make a mistake. Go for a semi-matte foundation, let your eyelashes have mascara on, run a highlighter on your nose (skippable step) but apply it on your cupid bow, swipe on a satin finish magenta lipstick and a pink blush if need be. A blush would look over-the-top for work meets, although you can try this for brunch. 


Alia Bhatt 


beauty3 alia bhatt kareena kapoor khan glam virtual meetings


A little swipe of glitter for a striking win. Don’t let the shine scare a boss babe like you. Here’s a single-tone makeup that can break the monotony of matte skin. Key tools here are a silver glitter eyeshadow or a hush works fine for that subtle glowing effect. Nude lipstick and some sheen given by your highlighter. Two layers extra of your eyeshadow can make this a party-perfect look. 


Janhvi Kapoor 


beauty4 alia bhatt kareena kapoor khan glam virtual meetings


Call her the queen of retro looks or an eyeliner queen, nothing as alluring as the drama brought to you by a good black eyeliner. Draw a thick black eyeliner with a wing, glide peach lipstick and dab a pinch of highlighter, keep your skin matte and groom your eyebrows. 


Shraddha Kapoor 


beauty5 alia bhatt kareena kapoor khan glam virtual meetings


This makeup looks incredibly fresh, neat, and easy to replicate. It’s also a drama-free look. This starlet has a history of wow-makeup looks and this is just so good and simple to put together. Take kohl and draw a thin line on your upper lash line, get the mascara to highlight your lashes, and a lipstick with shades of pink and peach to seal the look for you. Opt for a foundation if needed or moisturised skin would suffice too. 


Katrina Kaif 


beauty6 alia bhatt kareena kapoor khan glam virtual meetings


Nothing as spellbinding as a subtle take on a smokey eye makeup look. For a formal event, Kat went for a blend of brown and black smokey eyes complemented magically with a creamy satin finish nude pink lipstick. Groom and fill in your eyebrows. This works for a date or a party night. A toned-down version of smokey eyes can also be paired up with a red pout.


Kriti Sanon 


beauty7 alia bhatt kareena kapoor khan glam virtual meetings


White eyeliner has been trending for a long time now. Ditch your favourite black eyeliner to swap with something as eye-catching as this eyeliner. You can wear it when on a call with your workmates. Drama shouldn’t be limited, it’s all about experimenting. You can instead tone down your pink eyeshadow, and work a glossy baby pink pout. 



Whose look would you re-create? Let us know in the comments below.


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