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Amazon Launches Program That Will Pay Customers For Data on Purchases from Non-Amazon Stores



Amazon Launches Program That Will Pay Customers For Data on Purchases from Non-Amazon Stores

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Amazon has launched a new program that rewards customers for data on anything they are purchasing outside of Amazon and responding to short surveys. The program is being called the Amazon Shopper Panel, and it asks users to send 10 receipts per month for any purchase made at a non-Amazon retailer like grocery stores, departmental stores, drug stores, and entertainment outlets like movie theatres, theme parks, restaurants and so on.

The program is currently opt-in and invite only and is available only in the US initially. The invited participants will be able to take part via the newly-launched Amazon Shopper Panel app on iOS and Android. Other interested users can use the app to join a waitlist for an invite. The app will allow users to take pictures of paper receipts that qualify or forward emailed receipts to [email protected] to earn a $10 reward that can be applied to their Amazon Pay balance or can be donated. Amazon further said that users can earn additional rewards each month for every survey they complete.

The optional surveys, according to the company, will ask about brands and products that may interest the participant and how likely they are to purchase a product. Other surveys may ask what the shopper thinks of an ad. Amazon said that the rewards will vary depending on the survey.

Amazon is collecting this data in order to help advertisers better understand the relationship between their ads and product purchases. It will also help Amazon build models about which groups of customers are likely to be interested in which specific products. Amazon may choose to offer data to brands to help them gain feedback on existing products, the website notes.

Amazon also said that it will delete any sensitive information from the receipts users upload. However, it won’t delete users’ personal information. It will instead store the users’ personal data in accordance with Amazon’s privacy policy. Users will get the option of deleting previously shared data like receipts or personal information. Amazon further said that it ‘may use’ customer data to improve selection at as well as improve the content selection offered through Amazon services like Prime Video.

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