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Amrutha Pranay

The Amrutha-Pranay romance was a story of love and tragedy, but despite the controversy, the couple got married and welcomed a baby boy, Nihan, in 2017. Since then, Amrutha has been a mum to a baby boy, Nihan. She shared pictures and videos of her visit to Pranay’s childhood home. This is quite a heart-warming moment, especially since the couple are now in their 30s and their baby boy is a blessing.


Biography of Amrutha Prana – Who is Amrutha Pranay? Amrutha was born in a lower-caste family and dropped out of engineering to marry an upper-caste man. Her parents wanted to separate the two, but she refused and married Pranay without his consent. However, her husband later died of cancer and she is pregnant with his child.

Amrutha, a former engineering student, married the Dalit Christian, Pranay, on 30 January 2018 after her father had been murdered. Although her father was a wealthy and influential businessman, he was not her father’s godfather. The two met in class and Amrutha professed love for Pranay. In the end, Pranay’s father hired contract killers to kill her, and the police feared for her safety. Pranay was stabbed five times and was killed on the spot. Their marriage was followed by widespread controversy. However, this did not stop Amrutha’s popularity.


Official Social Profiles

The wife of Perumalla Pranay Kumar took to social media to demand justice. Her page has 60,000 likes as of Tuesday. She received many messages within hours of posting the statement. People are also following her on Twitter and her official Facebook page. This will help the family and her cause, but it needs the public’s support. We will keep you updated on the latest developments. Follow Amrutha Pranay on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Amrutha’s parents disapproved of her marriage but helped her settle in Hyderabad. They even furnished a villa and threw her a wedding reception. The photos from the reception went viral and were shared around the internet. Some people believe that her parents disapproved of her marriage to a Dalit Christian and threw the wedding reception to celebrate their love. This may explain why her husband was killed.

Interesting facts

Amrutha Pranay interesting facts reveal the reasons behind her death. She was an engineering dropout from Nalgonda who aims to get justice for Pranay’s murder and seeks the death penalty for the perpetrators. The case is very complicated and complex, and the murderer of her son was one of the worst-case scenarios in Indian history. She started a Facebook page called Justice for Pranay, which has more than 60,000 fans.

Amrutha Pranay was the daughter of an influential businessman. Her father ordered her father to kill Pranay after she confessed her love for him. The marriage was prohibited by her family, as the marriage would bring disgrace to their family. After their marriage, Pranay visited an OBGYN, where he died on the spot. Since then, there have been many campaigns to get the case overturned.

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