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Anchor Nakshathra Nagesh

Anchor Nakshathra Nageh is an Indian actress working in the Tamil film industry. She was born on 11th September 1992 in Chennai and is married to Dhilip Rayan. She completed her studies at the IHm college in Chennai and later joined the film industry. This film career has helped her to establish her name in the industry. The following are some facts about Anchor Nakshathra Nagesh.


Indian actress and television host Nakshathra Nageshe was born on February 11, 1975, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She has appeared in films and television shows in her native language. Her career has spanned several decades, including roles in Bollywood films and Tamil-language television shows. Her television shows, including the award-winning “The Next Big Thing,” have garnered her a wide following.

In her early years, Nakshathra Nageshe started her acting career in the Tamil television series “Vani Rani,” starring Vicky Krish. Later, she was hired by Sun TV as their award show host. In her fourth year as a TV anchor for Sun TV, Nagesh went on to star in Tamil web series “As I Suffer From Kadhai,” which became a huge hit. Her other credits include commercial advertisements for Indian and Chinese restaurants.


Social Media Profiles

If you are looking for a new celebrity follower to add to your network, you might be interested in the Social Media Profiles of Anchor Nakshatra Nagesh. An actor and TV host, she is well-known in the Tamil film industry. She was born on 11 September 1992 in Chennai and completed her college and higher studies in the city. In her early years, Nakshathra Nagesh worked as a news anchor and host. Later, she hosted some programs for Sun Tv, including a reality show that involved dancing. But, she is most popular for her role in the television serial Lakshmi Store.

Nakshathra Nagess’ social media accounts are full of pictures of her on the go! She has been teasing her fans with many ‘likes’ and’reactions’ to her posts. Her Instagram account is filled with posts and videos that show her daily routine, and you can even follow her on Twitter and Facebook. She even has a fan page, which is full of funny messages.


A successful anchor and TV actress, Nakshathra Nagesha is a native of Chennai. Her acting career started with the Tamil movie Settai. Later, she joined the cast of Jodi Number One Season 8, where she played the role of a contestant. Born and raised in a Hindu family, Nakshathra studied at IHM College in Chennai.

In addition to her role in the Sun TV singing reality show, Nakshathra Nagesha Nagesh has acted in several films. She paired with K.R. in a number of films, and her early performances were characterized by hysterical comic antics. Later on, Nagesha portrayed a broken-hearted lover, and even directed a film!

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