Aparna Devi Wiki, Biography, Age, Movies, Serials, Husband, Images

Aparna Devi Wiki, Biography, Age, Movies, Serials, Husband, Images
Aparna Devi Wiki, Biography, Age, Movies, Serials, Husband, Images



If you are curious about the life and work of Aparna Devi, you’ve come to the right place. This article contains Aparna Devi’s Biography, Social Media Profiles, and Facts about her. Take a look! And remember to share the details with your friends and family! The world of entertainment is her oyster, so she’ll attract men and women alike! Her keen sense of beauty and excellent taste will attract men and women from all walks of life.


Aparna Devi is an Indian dancer and singer from the south of India. Born in Kollam district in 1995, Aparna studied Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam. She graduated with a degree in Summa Cum Laude in Bharatnatyam from Kalady Sree Sankaracharya University. She also participated in a number of training programs in traditional Indian dance forms and submitted a dissertation on them.

Before breaking into the acting scene, Aparna Devi worked as a model and modeled for a number of companies. Her big screen debut was in the 1996 Tollywood movie Dharmapuri. She also starred in two Malayalam serials. In addition to acting, Aparna is also a professional Mohiniyattam teacher and a dog lover. In addition to dancing, Aparna enjoys social media and shares videos of her performances on Instagram.

Social Media Profiles

A budding actress from Mollywood, Aparna Devi has managed to gain a loyal following on social media. She started her career as a model and appeared in photo shoot events. After that, she managed to make her big screen debut with the 1996 Tollywood movie Dharmapuri. Later, she appeared in two Malayalam serials and has also taken up dance lessons. Her Instagram is filled with dancing clips.

Her profile includes several Instagram accounts, Facebook pages, and YouTube channels. Her YouTube channel is where she uploads her teaching videos. She also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Aparna Mulberry was born in the United States in 1991 and has spent most of her life in the United States. She completed her primary education at Amrita Vidyalayam and studied Malayalam. After finishing her higher education, she moved back to her home state to raise her two children.


The name Aparna means “without leaves,” hence her devotion. Aparna’s origins are rooted in the Puranas and her connection with Lord Shiva. Originally Sati was a leafless tree, but she took rebirth as Parvati. She was born as the daughter of Meena and Himavan. She was born for one purpose: to bring back Lord Shiva, who had been isolated from the world and leading a secluded life in the mountain called Kailash.

While many people associate her with Bollywood movies, Aparna Devi is an actress with roots in the Tollywood industry. She began her career as a model and appeared in numerous photoshoot events, before making her big screen debut in the 1996 Tollywood film Dharmapuri. She has since starred in two Malayalam serials and is a professional Mohiniyattam dancer. She also loves dogs and posts dancing clips on her Instagram page.

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