Apple launches new website to help parents manage what their kids do on iPhone, iPad – Times of India


Apple has introduced a new website called Apple for Kids, offering parents an easy-to-access platform to track and manage what their kids are doing on iPhone, iPad, MacBook and other Apple devices. This website is part of the official Apple support platform and can be accessed at “”.
The Apple for Kids website helps parents to reset passcodes and take action if kids have bought something accidentally. They can also manage family groups. Using the platform, parents can also help the child sign in to Apple devices with their Apple ID, create a device passcode, and use Family Sharing to access purchased apps and content.
Other features include “Ask to Buy”, which lets parents grant kids permission from the family organizer before making a purchase. There’s an option to send Apple Cash and locate missing devices using Find My app.
This platform can be used to prevent in-app purchases. “You can keep your kids from making unintentional or unauthorized purchases from the App Store, including in-app purchases and subscriptions,” as per the website.
Guardians can also use Screen Time to see how their kids use their devices, set time limits for apps or app categories, control who they can communicate with. Also, there’s an option to set restrict what kids are allowed to watch or do.

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