Are skills getting priority in our education system ?

Are skills getting priority in our education system ?


It speaks volumes about the high quality of our education system, which is comprised of 80percent theory and very only few opportunities for real-world situations or hands-on experience. In our system, the focus remains on the issue of diplomas or degrees and not much on the development of skills. When Hans India spoke to people about the subject, nearly everyone emphasized the necessity of imparting knowledge appropriate for work to students via measures such as intensive practical training, internships as well as other methods. .,

Are skills getting priority in our education system?

The government should begin classes for developing skills from the 10th grade to increase the abilities of students. In the case of B.Tech, M.Tech, BBA, MBA, B.Com, and M.Com students, an internship must be compulsory to provide practical skills.

Students must be committed to improving their communication and technical abilities to be able to land top jobs. The parents must inspire their children to put in the work and develop their abilities. The government must take action to increase the quality of education and make sure that there are adequate laboratories at colleges and schools.

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// P Prabhakar, a retired government teacher, Guntur city

New Educational Policy 2020 got the attention of everyone who has an interest in education. The policy provides a comprehensive explanation of the demands of students of all ages. This policy has taken into consideration the need for a real education that imparts a wealth of understanding and skills to students. Education isn’t just for the sake of name and settlement it is a necessity for the future. The only thing that matters is how it is implemented. Policymakers should ensure that the policy has been translated into the curriculum, which has important to consider in the preparation of syllabuses as well as the textbooks.

On the other hand, there’s a lot to be done to strengthen teachers. In countries such as India, the effectiveness of any educational policy is contingent on the involvement of teachers with Professional Development Programmes. It takes a long time to make a significant transformation in India. State and central government should dedicate themselves to the execution and implementation of this policy on all levels and assist students in enhancing their abilities.

Are skills getting priority in our education system ?

– Indrani. B, Principal, Aravinda High School, Kunchanapalli, Guntur

The lack of practical knowledge among graduates of universities and colleges have companies forced to look for new employees in other areas. The knowledge that is merely theoretical or bookish with no practical skills would never have led to the development of Google and Facebook, Ford car, or Metro train. Engineers, doctors, and advocates require hands-on experience in their field or they will not be able to survive in today’s competitive world. I believe that the proposed National Educational Policy 2022 may help fill the gap in skills by taking courses related to skills obligatory from the beginning of school.

T Barath Kumar Reddy, Information and Public Relations district Officer, Annamayya district

The need is to enhance the quality of education starting in Class 1. In many schools, labs are not very effective and students don’t attain real experience and knowledge in the field of science. This is a sad state that continues until the classes IX and X.

The government should introduce training for skill development starting at the Intermediate level. Internships should be compulsory for students enrolled in polytechnic B Tech, MTech BBA, and MBA programs. Students must try to enhance their abilities instead of sitting in front of the television as well as playing games with their phones. Parents must encourage their students to put in the effort and to improve their skills.

– Sk Ahamed Basha, businessman, Guntur city

In the current competitive climate, it is essential to impart skills alongside the education curriculum. If academics are coupled with specific capabilities, it will be able to gain an advantage worldwide.

But, there is a need to determine the person’s interests at an early moment. To ensure that training is targeted accordingly. These capabilities should be taught within the formal education system. Skills play an important role in the lives of job-seekers and job creators. It is imperative to undertake a significant change to make education skills-driven.

– D Hemanth Nrusimha Varma, MS Project Management, Australia

Given the current situation, in which fierce competition is prevalent all over the world, it is essential to be able to stand out to a degree to be competitive in the job market. Skills development is a great possibility for anyone who is a student or diploma or diploma holder.

The government has been offering numerous opportunities to colleges and universities and students can make the most of these opportunities. Through this, they can develop the necessary skills for employment and find the right jobs and hire others.

– B Chengal Raju, Lecturer in Educational Technology, DIET, Karvetinagaram

The addition of additional expertise to the academic qualifications will boost the confidence of anyone who graduates. While studying in institutions of higher education, students must show enthusiasm for developing their skills in any area that they wish to master. There are a variety of training courses for developing skills that are available at different levels. If you are proficient in one of these skills young people can make their income and provide an edge to other applicants on their job test.



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