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Despite making many unsuccessful films, Arnav Vijay has left a legacy in the Indian film industry. During the postproduction process, He started dubbing some parts of the movie today. While His career started with the film Mani Ratnam’s “Telugu”, he has since appeared in a number of movies. Today, His career continues to grow thanks to a role in the remake of “Raavan”.

Arnav Vijay is an Indian film actor

Arnav Vijay is an Indian film star who works primarily in Tamil cinema. He has also appeared in films in Telugu and Kannada. Arnav has been a part of the film industry since 1995. Previously known as Arun Kumar, Vijay is a versatile actor who has worked in films from several languages. In his films, he often takes on the role of the protagonist.


The young actor is the son of popular film actor Arun Vijay and is set to make his acting debut in a 2D movie called ‘Oh My Dog’. The film is produced by Suriya and directed by debutant Sarov Shanmugam. The movie revolves around a boy and his dog, and it is aimed at children. Vijay is excited about playing the role of the boy and his pet dog.

He has appeared in many films but they were not a big hit

Arun Vijay was born into a film family, the son of actor Vijayakumar. He attended Don Bosco Maticulation Primary School and later studied at Loyola College. He has two sisters, a real sister and three stepsisters. Arun began his career as an actor in 1995, starring in the film ‘Murai Mappillai’. After a few films, his talent was noticed and he was given big roles in films with stars like Ajith Kumar, Ajith and Vinodh.

In addition to starring in the hit movie Thadam, Vijay has been involved in many small films, which are not big hits. His debut film Kannaal Pesavaa (2000) was a flop, and he has since appeared in several films that were not hit. In 2005, Vijay appeared in the romantic comedy Saaho, with Prabhas and Meena in the lead roles.

His legacy

The son of actor Arun Vijay, Arnav Vijay is all set to make his acting debut in a new film. Produced by 2D Entertainment, the film is based on the relationship between a boy and a dog. It is set in Ooty and will be shot in a single schedule. In addition, the film is a family affair, with Arnav and his father being very proud of his success.

His debut film

Coming from a family of superstars, Arnav Vijay is making his acting debut with a film that will share the screen with his father, actor Arun Vijay. The untitled movie, directed by debutant Sarov Shanmugam, is about the relationship between a boy and his dog, which is set in Ooty, India. Currently, the actor is reading the script and will begin filming once the cast is selected.

After a successful stint in the Vishal-starrer Love Story, Vijay was offered a role in the upcoming Anbalaya Films production Murai Mappillai. Vijay was just 18 when he signed up for the film, and he played a double role in the action-crime thriller Thadam. The film was loosely based on true-life crimes and featured identical twins. The film was a blockbuster hit, and Vijay went on to star in Saaho and a number of other films, including Rajkumar Hirani’s Kathakkaar.

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