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Arthur O Urso

Arthur O Urso is a well-known Brazilian model, social media influencer, and content producer. He is married to nine women, including Luana Kazaki, a fashion model. His age range is between 28 and 32 years. Here are some interesting facts about him. Listed below are some of his favorite activities. Read on to find out more about this famous Brazilian model. You can also check out his Official Social Profiles.


In this biography, you will find information about the model and entrepreneur. He is also a social media influencer. He has been married nine times, including to Luana Kazaki, his first wife. He has also had children with several women, including a daughter. He has a very successful business. He started out as a model, and his body transformation has been well-publicized. He is one of the most popular Brazilian models and influencers, and is also a successful entrepreneur.

A fascinating aspect of his life is his history of relationships. He married nine women in Sao Paulo last year. The reason he did this is to promote free love and protest monogamy. Fortunately, his marriages are not legally binding, as polygamy is illegal in Brazil. Luana Kazaki, who he had married before his polygamy, is happy to marry him again. The model’s relationship with Luana Kazaki may have been the cause of her separation, but the scandal has made him a worldwide sensation.


Official Social Profiles

A Brazilian model, Arthur O Urso has become an online sensation with the introduction of his official social profiles. The model, born in 1990, has become a household name, thanks to his various modeling gigs and successful business. Born to a Christian family, Arthur grew up in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Arthur’s birthday is October 8, so he will be 28-32 years old when 2022 rolls around.

The model married nine women in a single year, and he has gone on to marry at least two more this year. His marriages were reportedly an act of protest against monogamy and a celebration of free love, but they were not legally binding. Polygamy is illegal in Brazil. This has sparked speculation about the model’s relationship history. Despite the controversies surrounding his marriages, it is likely that the model will marry again in the near future.

Interesting facts

You may be interested in learning interesting facts about Arthur O Urso. This famous Brazilian model and actor is a well-known porn star for having a string of wives. His eighth marriage in 2021 was described as a protest against the practice of monogamy. He frequently shared pictures of himself with his wives on social media. One of his wives has since requested a divorce, claiming she misses being monogamous.

Arthur O Urso is of mixed ethnicity. He is from a Christian family and studied in Brazil. He married Launa Cajaki, a model who is also an entrepreneur. He married Launa at a church event in So Paulo. Although he is married to ten women, he prefers his first wife Luana Kazaki. In addition to being an entrepreneur and a model, Arthur is also a social media influencer.

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