Ayesha Kapoor Web Series List Watch Online 2022

Ayesha Kapoor Web Series List

Ayesha Kapoor is a popular model and actress. Most of her acting work has been done through the Primeshots app. In addition to acting roles, Ayesha has also starred in several web series. The latest of these is Seal 2, which can be seen on Primeshots. Watch Ayesha Kapoor web series online for free! The following article will help you discover the best places to watch these shows.

 1.Seal 2 Primeshots

This is the story of a newly married couple. Husband wishes that he gets a virgin girl, but he does not get a virgin girl. He tells this to his friend. Her friend tells him about a hospital where the girl becomes a virgin after getting treatment. Husband sells his land for 2 lakh rupees to make his wife a virgin. To know what will happen, let’s watch the seal 2 web series only on the primeshots app.


2. Siyapa Primeshots

This is the story of a Muslim family where parents and two brothers live. The younger son asks his father for permission to marry his girlfriend. The father tells him that the want marries with his girlfriend. The boy agrees to this and gets his girlfriend married to his father. To know what will happen next, watch siyapa web series only on the primeshots app.

3. Jhol Primeshots

This is the story of a girl named Maya who is married. Maya has a boyfriend. One day Maya’s husband sees her talking to her boyfriend. Maya lies that she is talking to her friend. Maya and her husband go to her friend’s house. To know what Happens, watch jhol primeshots web series.

4. Dil Do Primeshots

This is the story of a girl who goes to her grandmother’s old house to find something. She goes to her grandmother’s house with an unknown driver. That driver lives with him in the same house. The driver falls in love with the girl and tries to get into a physical relationship with her. To know what will happen next, watch dil do web series only on the primeshots app.

5. Vaishya Web Series Primeshots 2022

This is the story of a famous prostitute in the city. Whatever boys come to that girl, they go happily. To know the real story of that girl, watch the Vaishya web series only on the primeshots app.


If you are a fan of adult web series, then you should definitely check out the list of popular Ayesha Kapoor web series. The actress is best known for her naughty and beautiful looks. In fact, her naughty looks have made her the centre of discussion on social media. So, if you are a fan of this adult actress, you should check out the list of hot hindi web series that are going to come up in the near future.

Ayesha Kapoor is currently starring in a web series called Vaishya, a romance and drama web series in Hindi. It will premiere on Primeshots on 25th March 2022. You can watch the full series on Primeshots, but you need to pay a minimum subscription fee to watch the series. Once you have paid the subscription fee, you can download episodes and watch them whenever you want. It is advisable to watch the series on a private computer, as it might be inappropriate to watch it in public.


If you’re a fan of Bollywood movies and television serials, you can easily find Ayesha Kapoor Web Series List to watch online. She’s got quite a few to watch and her fanbase is constantly expanding. From escapist comedies to melodrama series, she’s always got something new to offer her fans. The following list of her upcoming movies and web series is worth a look.

Ayesha Kapoor’s web series, Seal 2, will be released on 15 September 2021. The web series revolves around a newly-married couple. Watch Online 2022 to catch this show. It stars the acclaimed actress and model Ayesha Kapoor. Ayesha’s acting career started with prime-shot films. During this time, she also starred in several web series.


Ayesha Kapoor is back on the screen with a new web series. She’ll reprise her role as a newlywed woman called Kavita Bhabhi. The story revolves around two newlyweds who try to keep their love life alive despite their age differences. However, after a while, they become estranged and eventually fall in love, and their relationship is challenged.

Ayesha Kapoor is an Indian actress and model, and has completed most of her acting work through Primeshots. She’s also appeared in a variety of web series, including Vaishya, which is slated to premiere online in March 2022. Watch this web series to find out who else is in the cast. This web series will feature Ayesha Kapoor and Mouni Roy in leading roles.

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