Bairagee movie review: Shiva Rajkumar, Daali Dhananjaya, and Co. put on a credible show that’s also a tad misguided

Bairagee movie review
Bairagee movie review

Produced and directed by Vijay Milton, the film also features Pruthvi Ambar Shashikumar, Anjali, and Yasha Shivakumar. J. Anoop Seelin scores the music


Shiva (Shiva Rajkumar) is a highly-skilled Tiger Masque artist who is extremely hotheaded. Prison time alters things for the better when the police inspector who is in charge recognizes the sweet nature of Shiva and can take him under his wing as well as urge him to calm the furious “tiger” within. Shiva is transferred to a new town to begin fresh and can find romance and friendship, but he also has to contend with the town’s chieftain about principles and sensitive issues. Despite his genuine efforts to remain calm and live his normal living his life, Shiva is driven to show his determination to defend the cause and righteousness. But how far will be he willing to go when the forces that oppose him are powerful?


It shouldn’t be an unwelcome surprise to anyone who has watched to know that Bairagee is a mass entertainment that praises its hero. It’s not the first time that it does similarity and one could expect this particular characteristic of an Indian film to continue for a long time to come. Yet, the creators of Bairagee take on the old formula with sincerity, never attempting to make it more prestigious, but instead, they inject the story with an air of originality and vigor, which are uncommon in Kannada popular entertainment in recent years. Vijay Milton, whose extensive involvement with the Tamil Film Industry seems to influence his tastes and, in Bairagee, has the same sensibilities to ensure that his Kannada debut is an enjoyable experience despite all the commercial clichés.


Ensemble films are often prone to be difficult for filmmakers to make particularly if the film had to boast not just two stars who are in their own right. Bairagee could be sporting Shiva Rajkumar written all over but one of the main attractions of this film is the presence of Daali Dhananjaya, who thanks to some intriguing film choices has gained recognition as an actor who is a viable option in recent years. In addition, the shadow of the pair’s debut film Tagaru has a large presence as one can feel the crowd getting excited about another similar battle and, if not more so. It’s true that Bairagee can fulfill this unspoken promise, and adds dimension to the famed Shivanna-Daali dynamic. The scenes featuring the two actors never appear forced or like they are performing in a way that is not logical for the sake of the gallery, but they are a powerful combination because of some thoughtful writing. The two actors are extremely knowledgeable about the language of cinema in general and do not overplay their roles.

A lot of Bairagee’s reputability is due to the actors, and its director Vijay Milton finds the right location to make his film. If not handled by the right people could have ended up being an uninteresting, melodramatic slog even though there are hints of that here, Milton seems in control of the plot for the majority of the story. The director revealed in a recent interview the film was discussed with co-director Duniya Suri before putting the film on floors and that the conversation was extremely beneficial about his Dos and Donts of Kannada filmmaking. His efforts to impress the viewers and the large fan base in the form of Shiva Rajkumar show up in those bleak moments in the script which is filled with a heavy amount of respect for the real-life actor as well as his status as a god.

Shivanna is the star of the show with fervor

In the same way, Shiva Rajkumar lives up to the status of an authentic lead actor and can carry the film with the utmost charisma. The 60-year-old actor doesn’t seem too bogged down by the fact that he is surrounded by potential superstars of the future and portrays his character as the innocent-yet-passionate and idealistic tiger masque artist with a lot of gusto. It’s the camaraderie with Pruthvi Ambar, which combines humor, fun, and emotional depth equally as well as his sweet romance with actress Anjali’s character, an educator at school The veteran actor appears very well-groomed. Amber is a delight as the cheerful, happy man-Friday. He appears completely at ease in the character, although it’s not one of the more “heroic” in the sense of its title. Dalai Dhananjaya is bankable as ever as the morally compromised town’s chief and it’s the actor who brings an element of authenticity into the tale and his scenes with Shivanna which have been mentioned previously, are sure to be the movie’s best. Anjali is back in Kannada film after a gap of seven years, but is perfectly suited to the overall picture and can fill her a bit lacking part with a charming performance.

The script is unable to perform in the course of the program.

At its core, Bairagee is about the extremely sensitive and important issue of women’s security. The film is determined and certainly tries to present a convincing argument against the demeaning care given to women and their petty suffering and continuous societal shame as well as the horrendous sexual violence against women. Although writer-director Vijay Milton comes across as competent in his endeavors, however, the film is lacking the appropriate quality and attention to detail to make this film a more affecting and worthy take. The film’s scenes on the same social issues are suffused by excessive zeal and not appropriate for the screenplay that is mostly the story of a hero’s quest to defeat evil. The film, while not perfect, contains a few heartbreaking scenes in its second half, but you’d leave the theater feeling unhappy about the film’s vague approach to the subject.


Bairagee might not be the most innovative effort in the field of entertainment with a mass appeal, but it is balanced by excellent acting as well as a measured approach to filmmaking and J. Anoop Seelin’s dazzling background score. The film indeed contains some unneeded scenes, however, one’s not likely to go to the cinema expecting high-end entertainment. For all Shivanna admirers, this film is the perfect opportunity to take in his irresistible charisma and energy, as the director Vijay Milton utilizes these traits to maximize the value. With the help of Dhananjaya, Pruthvi Ambar, Anjali, and many more, Bairagee is pure masala fun that also aims to be entertaining and enjoyable.

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