Bank of India Customers Can Now Avail Benefits Worth Rs 1 Crore For Free, Here’s How

Bank of India (BOI) has launched a special scheme for government employees. The bank has come up with the ‘Salary Plus Account Scheme’ for its users. Under this scheme, government employees and account holders working in paramilitary forces can get free accidental death cover up to Rs 30 lakh and free air accident insurance of Rs 1 crore. The bank’s customers employed in the private sector can get an accident insurance cover of Rs 5 Lakhs under this scheme.

The Bank of India has shared this information on its official Twitter handle.

According to the information given on the BOI website, the ‘Salary Plus Account Scheme’ can be availed by all the account holders working in paramilitary forces and the employees of Central and State governments. All the employees of the private sector having a minimum take-home salary of Rs 10,000 per month can get the benefits of the scheme.

There is no need to maintain a minimum balance in the bank account for this scheme. Account holders having zero balance in their accounts can also avail of this scheme if they are fulfilling the eligibility criteria. Nomination facilities are also available for this scheme.

For Paramilitary forces and government employees

– Under this scheme of BOI, customers will get an overdraft facility up to Rs 2 lakh. It means that you can withdraw up to Rs 2 lakh, even if there is no balance in your bank account.

– In this scheme, account holders will get special discounts on home loans and car loans.

– Those enrolled in this scheme, will get Gold International Credit Card for free by BOI. They will also get a free Platinum Debit Card with a cash withdrawal limit of Rs 50,000  and POS limit of Rs 1 Lakh.

For Private sector employees

– Account holders will get a Global Debit Cum ATM Card.

– A Free Platinum Debit Card will be given to those employees whose net take-home salary is minimum Rs 25,000 per month or average quarterly balance in the account is Rs 1 Lakh

– The account holders will also get 50 percent rebate in processing charges for personal loans

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