BB15 EXCLUSIVE: Sahil Shroff on eviction & Pratik Sehajpal: We are only entertained by people who are negative

Sahil Shroff became the first contestant to be eliminated from Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 15. Talking about the same in an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, Sahil says that everyone was shocked, including the other contestants in the house. “It didn’t add up, because I was just making inroads, taking advice from the right people in the house as to the way I am going and who my friends are. The thing is that everyone has different personalities. I have worked very hard to be this balanced person that I think I am right now after a long time, and I am not a person who will just pick up fights for no reason,” says Sahil.

He further adds, “When I got into this show, I was told just like how Rahul Roy is (winner of season 1), there are other ways of dealing with conflict. It’s not only about fighting and being explosive, it’s also about sliding around the situation and coming out on top of it.” The actor states that he played well, had good relationships inside the house and was easy to work with throughout the show. 

“I was considered apparently an underdog, and it was all working in that direction. In fact, just about sometime before Salman Bhai told me to start showing myself more, and in the next hour whenever we shot that, I was evicted and you should have seen Karan Kundrra’s face. It said it all,” informs Sahil. 

He also adds, “More than me, it just reflects on us as viewers, as we are only entertained by people who are negative and fight, or we want to see different personalities in our life? I do have a lot of good takeaways from the show”. Will he go back inside the Bigg Boss 15 house if given an opportunity? “At this point I can’t say anything. At the end, I love my life outside, and in the first week you miss that right?” questions Sahil.

Sahil also shares his thoughts on fellow contestant Pratik Sehajpal. “He is playing the bad guy, or he is a bad guy I don’t know. We are giving that person more respect than someone who is a gentleman, who is being himself and taking his time. So it doesn’t make any sense. It just makes me realise that as a culture and a society, we appreciate the negative aspect of life more than someone who is coming in and bringing in life to a situation,” states the actor. 

He feels that he wasn’t shown much in the episodes because he wasn’t yelling. “If you see the Voot part of it, you will see a lot of my interactions. People are talking about me, but if you just see the main episode, I am missing because I am not yelling. 10 years ago, I would be yelling, but I don’t yell anymore because I just find that unnecessary,” shares Sahil.

What has he learnt from this experience? “That I am myself, no matter what happens. I cannot change myself, in the show or before the show. In parts of conflict I handled myself very well. Being authentic is what we are all trying to be, so I just learned that your authentic self for a show like that, it felt like that was not understood. But I will not change. My approach even outside the house is the same. I am happy where I am,” Sahil signs off. 

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