Bhasha Sumbli Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Movies, Images

Bhasha Sumbli Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Movies, Images
Bhasha Sumbli Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Movies, Images


In Hindi, Bhasha Sumbli is known as Bhasha Sumbali. She is an Indian actress best known for her role in the film The Kashmir Files. Despite being a child actress, Bhasha has managed to make a name for herself. Her biographical details can be found on Wikipedia and her social media profiles. Here are some facts about Bhasha that you might find interesting. And if you’re looking for her, check out the links provided below.


As the daughter of two prominent literary personalities, Bhasha Sumbli’s biography is full of interesting facts. Her parents’ sensitivity to literature and art contributed to her ease in the theatre world. Her parents, Agni Shekhar and Shama Kaul, have both been active in the performing arts. Bhasha’s biography can be read in full on her website. The following is a quick look at some of the major highlights of her life.

Born in Sumbal, Jammu and Kashmir, Bhasha was raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Her parents are poets and writers. She is currently based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Although her parents and siblings are not known, she is known to have numerous male friends and associates. Her social media accounts have millions of followers. The actor’s childhood is filled with interesting facts, and you can read about them from her biography below.


Social Media Profiles

Bhasha Sumbli is an Indian actress, playwright, and theatre artist. She was born in Sumbal, Jammu and Kashmir, and currently resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She has several social media accounts, and tens of millions of followers. In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, she has done modeling. Here are some of her social media accounts. Check them out and get to know more about her.

Bhasha started her social media profiles on May 10, 2017. She now has over 5000 followers. She played the role of Sita in the reality show Sabse Bada Kalakar. Her favourite food and clothing are Kashmiri and Indian. Her reading list includes Ramkrisha and Vivekanand Ki Jeewani. She loves Stray dogs. She recently made her Instagram debut. Follow her to keep up with the latest news and updates!


Learn all about the Indian actress Bhasha Sumbli. She is best known for her role in the Hindi film The Kashmir Files. Find out more about her in our list of interesting facts about Bhasha Sumbli. While the actor’s role was rather small, the actress’s work deserved acclaim, so we’ve put together this list of interesting Bhasha Sumbli facts. Here are a few of her most interesting facts:

The actress, who starred in the 2012 drama, The Kashmir Files, is not in a relationship. She has not spoken publicly about her previous relationships, but is believed to be single. Though she hasn’t yet worked at a level that would make a significant income, she has gained a lot of respect and admiration from her male friends. It’s also known that she has a large number of friends, who often share her personal problems and photos with her.

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