Bhoot Police: Saif Ali Khan’s first look in the role of Vibhuti

Bhoot Police: Saif Ali Khan’s first look in the role of Vibhuti
Bhoot Police: Saif Ali Khan’s first look in the role of Vibhuti

Bhoot Police: Saif Ali Khan’s first film in the superhit franchise, Baahubali, has received widespread praise from critics and fans. The film has created new box office records in India, where the film is being dubbed in a big way. In the role of a kingpin crime lord, Baahubali has created immense curiosity among Indian audiences. This is so because a lot of time and energy has gone into this film, and the end result – a grand smash – is all the more reason to be spellbound. Directed by S.S. Rajamouli, Bhoot Police: Saif Ali Khans first looks at the role of Vibhuti. The character is played by Aishwarya Rai, who is known for her engaging performance as the character.


Aishwarya Rai does an exemplary job of playing the lead character, Vibhuti. Her flawless diction and smooth talk, apart from her capable physicality, are two major reasons for her popularity. The actress has been praised for her excellent choice of costumes, which are rich with colors. The sets in Bhoot Police: Saif Ali Khans is commendable as well. They are imaginative and depict a fantastic world where battles rage on the sands.

Bhoot Police movie story

It is a rare gem to have a scene of a love story taking place between a crime lord and his bounty hunter. The two characters, Bittoo and Mooker bee seen together often enough to be associated with one another. However, the chemistry between the two is nothing special. But their relationship becomes more credible when they are contrasted with the anti-hero, Bittoo. The anti-hero is played by Anushka Shetty, who does a convincing job of challenging Bittoo’s authority.

Another interesting character is the owner of a spice shop. Moxhik (Koena Sheikh) is a Punjabi from a middle-class family, who sells exotic spices and gums. Moxhik comes from an affluent background but is a great seller. He is an intelligent man who, through his business dealings, comes to realize that there is money to be made if only he puts his mind to it.

The movie is full of energy and has a zest for action that is often missing from other films. The scenes of crime and violence are few and far between. Some of the fight scenes, especially between Moxhik and Bittoo, are well choreographed. The villains, however, are not developed as much.

Bhoot Police movie details

A minor complaint that some critics have pointed out concerns about the portrayal of women in Bhumati saja jee. Some scenes show women being coerced into sex by their husbands, or by their partners. Some also point out that the film depicts women as objects rather than full human beings.

The story eventually threads together and ends happily, but there is no sense of catharsis or resolution to crimes. There is no question that the film wants to portray the dark side of rural India, and this is achieved through some bloody scenes. But it does not want to depict rural crime and violence in the same way. It is a violent crime story, sure, but in a way that don’t give you any satisfaction until the criminals are put in jail.

Overall, Bhumati said jee is a good comedy that has some good laughs and some terrifically acted scenes. The characters are interesting, the acting is fantastic, and the plot is convincing. A lot of people will probably think it is a complete hokum, but then again, who knows? This movie is probably going to be remembered as one of the best crime serials ever filmed. A four star rating is usually reserved for documentaries and forgettable films.

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