Bigg Boss 15, 13th January 2022, Written Update: Nishant Bhat questions Rashami Desai’s loyalty

In today’s episode, Nishant asks Rashami why is she supporting Tejasswi as she wanted her to lose her position. Rashami asks him what his problem is. Bigg Boss asks Shamita to come to the confession room and tells that the shopkeepers in the task can take multiple turns on mutual agreement. Shamita comes out and tells everyone Bigg Boss’ instructions. Nishant tells that he was saying the same and Shamita tells him to let her complete. Nishant yells back at her and Shamita tells him to not talk to her like that. Karan reads out that today’s task is done but Pratik and Tejasswi should safeguard their cycles. Tejasswi and Pratik accuse each other of harming their cycles. Karan asks them to stop fighting.


Devoleena tells Rakhi to not trust Abhijeet. Rakhi goes to Abhijeet and assures him that she trusts him. Karan tells Nishant that Shamita proved that she has a problem with Tejasswi. Shamita tells Nishant that she didn’t remove Tejasswi because of her personal reasons. Shamita tells Pratik that Tejasswi will blame her even if he wins fairly. Nishant tells Rakhi that he felt bad that she didn’t take him to the Christmas party. Later, Tejasswi asks Nishant to not change his side. Tejasswi tells Rashami that she will support her if she helps her out in the task.

Pratik tells Nishant that Shamita is hurt by his words. Nishant says likewise. The next day, Karan asks Shamita if she wants Pratik to win. She tells him that she wants to be fair. Shamita tells Tejasswi that she will be fair with her decision and Tejasswi tells her that she knows her decision already. During the task, Tejasswi and Pratik fight against each other. Pratik hurts himself while fixing the cycle and Bigg Boss calls him to the nursing room and stops the task. Tejasswi accuses Pratik of hurting her.

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