Bigg Boss 15: Pratik Sehajpal breaks down after ugly spat with Tejasswi Prakash during Ticket To Finale Task

After an engrossing task that went on for two days, Pratik Sehajpal defeated Tejasswi Prakash to win the Ticket To Finale. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15, it was seen that captain Shamita Shetty declares Pratik as the winner of the cycle task. However, a few moments later, he is seen breaking down as Shamita and Rakhi console him. Read on to know the reason. 


Both Pratik and Tejasswi put up a good fight in the latest task where they were required to build a cycle. Yesterday, when Pratik went to take a few parts from Tejasswi’s cycle, she defended it, and ended up hitting Pratik’s hands quite a few times. While Pratik complained about this, Tejasswi claimed that she is doing it in self-defense and that Pratik too is hurting her by sitting on her leg. A little later, Pratik hurts himself accidentally and starts bleeding. As he goes inside for medical attention, Tejasswi comments that he was trying to hurt her, and so ended up injuring himself. In tonight’s episode also, Pratik and Tejasswi end up fighting during the task as the latter questions if he wants to win the Ticket To Finale through unfair means. 

Later on, Pratik breaks down in front of Shamita and Rakhi, while Shamita hugs him. He tells her that he did not do anything wrong and was very careful. He further says that he has no problem with Tejasswi but that some things she said really hurt him, and got to his brain. 

Later on, Pratik confronts Tejasswi on her comments about his injury, while the latter denies mentioning anything related to ‘Karma’. Tejasswi says that she stands by her words that she would do anything in her self-defense, even if it means hitting someone. 

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