Bigg Boss OTT: Neha Bhasin Said Blatantly Sexist and Classist Things, Says Moose Jattana

Bigg Boss OTT: Neha Bhasin Said Blatantly Sexist and Classist Things, Says Moose Jattana
Bigg Boss OTT: Neha Bhasin Said Blatantly Sexist and Classist Things, Says Moose Jattana

Bigg Boss OTT; The ongoing season of Bigg Boss OTT has entered its finale week with 6 contestants battling it out to lift the winner’s trophy. In a shocking turn of events during the latest episode of Sunday Ka Vaar, social media influencer and activist Moose Jattana was eliminated. Moose was nominated along with Shamita Shetty, Neha Bhasin, Pratik Sehajpal and Divya Agarwal. While Divya, Shamita and Pratik were declared safe, Moose and Neha went to the danger zone. The onus to save one of them came to the contestants, and Raqesh Bapat was the deciding vote. The Tum Bin actor saved Neha and led to Moose’s eviction.


In a free-wheeling chat with News18, Moose opened up about her entertaining Bigg Boss journey, her shocking eviction and her bond with the housemates. “I would describe my Bigg Boss OTT journey as fulfilling,” she said, adding, “Initially, I was nervous and unsure, but I was lucky enough. Even in my life, I have been lucky to meet good people and in the Bigg Boss house too, I feel like I met the right people at the right time. Two of them were there with me till the end. After I came out, people had a lot to say about it. But our connection was so strong that I would rather fight with them with the audience, that no, it’s not as bad as you think it is. And mistakes happen inside the Bigg Boss house. Anyway, I was quite content.”

Like many audience members, Moose too thought she would reach the finals. If asked if she felt her eviction was unfair, the 20-year-old said, “Yes, it was unfair. Why was it on the housemates? It doesn’t make sense. I’m getting so many messages saying that the audience used to watch me on the live feed. People have told me that a lot of the live footage was on me, because I was genuinely always talking. If the audience is unhappy with what took place, then it was unfair to them as well.”

Moose also felt that her eviction happened to help the other contestants move forward. “The way Neha has played, she should have been out in the first week itself. I don’t think she has done anything impressive. She said blatantly sexist and classist things time after time, not realising it. People outside the house are also feeling that. So if they have an easy storyline inside the show, then good for them. I’m happy that people are succeeding at what they want. But it becomes unfair for the others,” she shared.

Moose made headlines early on in the show when she came out as bisexual on national television. When asked if she was apprehensive about doing so, she said, “It is not that big of a deal, because it is my sexuality right? If people are so invasive in my personal life that they can leak my video and share it, then I should be able to completely be open with my life. I never came out to my mother, I never sat her down and told her ‘I like girls.’ I told her that I’m going on a date with one. It’s not a big deal in my house. So it should not be a big deal to anyone else. I realised it after I came out of the house and read news articles. I thought, ‘Oh s***t, people care about me.’ I showed my mother the article and she said that there was a lot of discussion around it.”

Moose also had a really strong bond with her connection, choreographer Nishant Bhatt. However, they also had explosive fights due to her feelings for Pratik Sehajpal. Moose felt that their words and actions made her look like a confused person. “Firstly, it is true that I was made to look like that by them. While they didn’t show that as much in the episode, I have said clear things to both of them. In my mind there was no confusion, there was confusion in Nishant’s mind. My capacity to be loving is very big, and I don’t like putting labels on them. When I thought Pratik was cute, I said it to his face. He said, ‘Isn’t it too early?’ I said, ‘No, I find you cute now.’ I have never asked for a declaration of love from both of them. They were also fine with the relationships I had with both of them. Nishant would say, ‘You just like Pratik’ and Pratik would say, ‘I think he is in love with you.’ They would both tease me about each other. If I like anyone, those are my feelings. I don’t have any expectations. What happened with Pratik is that after infatuation, there was friendship. It was the other way around with Nishant. We had a friendship first and then I grew to like him.”

But was Pratik trying to string her along? “Yes he was! I have told him that he strings every girl along, on his face. I didn’t mind it because I knew it. Hence I did not fall for his words. But otherwise we had great friendship. I think wherever I had to take my stand, I did so considering both of them,” said Moose.

She also revealed the contestants who in her opinion deserved to move forward to Bigg Boss 15. “I think Nishant, Pratik and Divya. I genuinely will give it to the three of them. They have potential. Pratik waivered a bit, but I will still give him the benefit of the doubt. If he realises on time that he needs to change his game and focus, then he will go. Raqesh, Shamita and Neha, are just doing anything.”

When asked if there was partiality towards Raqesh, Shamita and Neha as experienced members of the industry, Moose said, “One hundred percent. I’m not a member of the entertainment industry. I was in high-school two years ago. I came to Mumbai two months ago. I don’t know the things they know. I’m not accusing anyone but I am just saying that it is looking like that. They were unnecessarily asked for their opinions also. I thought, ‘Why are they made to feel like they are superior?’ That’s why I thought it seemed partial.”

While Moose had a good relationship with most people inside the house, which housemates will she actually keep in touch after Bigg Boss OTT is over? “The three that will go forward – my Pratik, my Nishant and Divya. And Raqesh maybe. He is really different outside. I thought we were friends. But the thing is, he said some things which I got to know after coming out of the house. Which is disappointing to say the least. Shamita and Neha are not my kind of people. Actually it was the most difficult to deal with the two of them,” she signed off.

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