Billions Season 5 Review – Not as good as S4, but still fun

Billions Season 5 Review – Not as good as S4, but still fun
Billions Season 5 Review – Not as good as S4, but still fun

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Ground floor: Not as good as the S4, but still enjoyable

Judgement: 6.75 /10

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After defeating Taylor Mason and merging his company into X Cap, Bobby Axelrod has reached another milestone: he has raised more than $10 billion. With this achievement, X is closer to his next goal: to become a bank. However, with his new status comes new and powerful enemies and X should be ready to take on anyone in the blink of an eye. And right behind him is Chuck Rhodes, who now turns back to Bobby, hoping to catch a misstep so Chuck can take him down. Will Chuck finally put the ax off for good? Or will the ax catch up with Chuck again?


Billions Season 5 Review – Not as good as S4, but still fun –As always, Paul Giamatti and Damien Lewis are phenomenal. Both actors return to their roles as fish in water and remain sparkling on screen. The rest of the main cast Maggie Siff, David Costabile, Condola Rashad, Asia Kate and Dylan Jeffrey do what they do best: play well-written characters on screen. While the cast may not look as impressive as last season, the writing is more responsible than the acting.


After a television series became popular, it started releasing new seasons every year for its growing fan base. But as time goes by, most of these shows start to lose the “oomph factor” that made them epic. While ‘Billions’ experienced this problem with Season 3, the show managed to make a big comeback with Season 4. Season 5 has dropped to 3 at the moment, but the last few episodes more than make up for the slow first half. .

Arabs Season 5 ReviewSeason 5 is entertaining, but it’s not without its flaws. Corey Stoll is impressive as the new returning cast member for this season, but his character build is exhausting. While the character is entertaining to watch on stage, and Stoll does a great job of keeping us engaged, the direction of her story makes us tire of her pretty quickly at first. Still, Stoll is one of the best parts of the show, thanks in part to the second half of this season.

New characters played by brilliant guest stars, Frank Grillo and Julianna Margulies, give the show more depth, but it also means many of our favorite side characters like Kate Sacker, Lauren Turner and Apologies get less screen time. Still, most of the characters in “Billions” manage to work into the show’s story, many of which go through their own mini-story arcs. But it’s not something we haven’t seen on Billion before.Arabs Season 5 Review

The show also manages to numb some of the characters a bit. While the character, Taylor Mason, is brilliant in seasons 2,3 and 4; They quickly become a shadow of themselves from previous seasons. Although the actor does a brilliant job with what is given to him, the problem still stems from the writing. The “Billions” writers are brilliant, but they may have written themselves into a corner, especially with Taylor and Wendy (another character unrelated to the show). If things continue like this, we can look forward to the end of ‘Billions’ by Season 7.

Overall, the fifth season of “Billions” is entertaining, supported by decent acting and production. And as the show quickly moves in a new direction, with lead protagonist Damien Lewis stepping away from the series, we expect the show to continue delivering the goods.

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Arabs Season 5 ReviewAs mentioned in the section above, Frank Grillo, Juliana Margulies, and Corey Stoll join the Billions Season 5 cast. While the former two actors only appear on screen a few times, Corey Stoll will have the role, which will be distributed throughout the season. He’s done a fantastic job as Mike Pence, and his on-screen performances (and some unforeseen circumstances) have now propelled him into the main cast.

Other actors portraying side characters such as Daniel Brecker, Dan Soder, Jade Ashete and the rest have their own character arcs and round out the series well.

Music and other departments?

Production value is the name of the game. If you want a set to look like a billionaire is passing by, you need some serious money and imagination. We’ll be seeing them both on screen this season too, so please support the production team. The cinematography, direction and “one-liners” that the screenwriters provided also deserve a mention.

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Billions Season 5 Review

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