Call of Duty Mobile: Top 3 Guns, Weapons, Skills on PUBG Mobile’s Biggest Rival


Call of Duty: Mobile stats

Call of Duty: Mobile stats

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 will launch on October 15.

  • Last Updated: October 12, 2020, 12:50 PM IST


Call of Duty: Mobile is one year old now. The popular Battle Royale game has seen more than 100 million downloads on Android, and is rated 4.8 out of 5 on the Apple App Store in the past year, owing to the popularity of the original PC or console game from Activision. The Mobile version of Call of Duty is developed by TiMi studios, with Activision staying on as the publisher. Further, the game’s popularity has shot up in India after PUBG Mobile was banned by the government a couple of months ago.

After completing one year in existence, Call of Duty: Mobile has announced new upcoming features like a new gunfight map, a new Halloween-themed map, which is said to be similar to the Halloween Standoff map from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, new weapons, and more for the game’s 11th Season. As part of its first anniversary announcements, Call of Duty: Mobile has also shared some of the key stats of the game. Call of Duty: Mobile has shared the top three weapons used, the top three Battle Royale classes, the top three Scorestreaks used, and the top three operator skills used. Further, Call of Duty: Mobile said that the most number of mulitplayer matches played were during Season 2 in November – December 2019. Following are the stats:

Top 3 Primary Weapons Used:

1. AK-47 – 11.4 Billion times[ans]

2. RUS-79U – 11.1 Billion times

3. DL Q33 – 9 Billion times

Top 3 Primary Weapons Used in Ranked MP:

1. POW 57 – 958 Million times

2. RUS-79U – 834 Million times

3. DL Q33 – 793 Million times

Top 3 Battle Royal Classes:

1. Mechanic – 1.4 Billion times used

2. Scount – 1 Billion times used

3. Medic – 936 Million times used

Top 3 Scorestreaks Used:

1. Predator Missile – 2 Billion times used

2. Sentry Gun – 1.5 Billion times used

3. Shock RC – 1.3 Billion times used

Top 3 Operator Skills Used

1. Sparrow – 4.7 Billion times used

2. Gravity Spikes – 4.3 Billion times used

3. H.I.V.E – 3.4 Billion times used

Call of Duty: Mobile season 11 will be launched on October 15.


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