Can’t Let Guard Down, Prepare To Face 3rd Wave: Uddhav Thackeray

Can't Let Guard Down, Prepare To Face 3rd Wave: Uddhav Thackeray

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Tackeray today said that while Covid cases are decreasing in the cities, rural areas of the state are seeing a spike.  

Cautioning the people, he said, “I don’t know when and what date the third wave will come. So we should not let our guard down.”

The Chief Minister said the state saw a high number of Covid cases over the past few days, but added that the recovery rate of 92 per cent is a good sign. He thanked the people of the state for their determination in following restrictions imposed to stem the surge in cases.

Mr Thackeray said that if the state is hit by a more severe third wave of Covid infections, it may face a crisis of medical oxygen. “If the third wave comes at a strong intensity, then we will have a problem with oxygen supply because this time we needed 1700 MT everyday,” he said.

Advising caution to prevent children from getting infected, he said, “The third wave (of Covid) can infect kids. But one should not worry as experts say they have more immunity. But if they get infected, it will be through us. So we have to take care of that.”

The Chief Minister said the state government is deliberating with paediatric experts on how to shield children from the infection.

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