Casio contributing to math Education in Indonesia

Casio contributing to math Education in Indonesia


Jakarta (Indonesia) 17 June (ANI): Japanese company Casio’s scientific calculators are used by kids at schools in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta for solving maths problems.

Japanese Company Casio contributes in various ways to boost education in various countries around the globe through the “GAKUHAN” project wherein scientific calculators are provided to teachers and students at schools.

“Since 2016 we have been pushing for the “GAKUHAN” initiative with a lot of enthusiasm, and so to date, we’ve focused on getting a teacher who will be trained using scientific calculators as well as consolidating the exploration-type math classes. At present, the “Edu-Port Nippon” project is being promoted mostly through Jakarta,” said Takuto Kimura, the official of Casio Singapore.

Casio has partnered with a Japanese education initiative “EDU-Port Nippon” for supporting the most talented learners in Indonesia. The pilot classes offered by Casio are well assessed by the authorities of Indonesian education.

“Casio’s research is excellent because it describes the use of a calculator as well as Inquiry-Based Learning to teach Mathematics. In the EDU-Port activity, which was conducted using Casio the calculator was employed as a tool to experiment. The results were extremely positive, as it was evident that the children were not just capable of obtaining or taking data, but could also do thinking, processing data, and studying, which meant that in the end, they could discover the mathematical concept. In this instance, an extremely positive aspect is that children are active participants in the process of learning. They can grasp the idea by themselves, so they can comprehend it better and retain it for longer. Additionally, it’s not just about math concepts being understood, but also about thinking abilities. Students will improve their reasoning, and ability to analyze and process data and then make a decision using the information. All of this is aligned with the government’s concept of improving students’ reasoning skills, as well as with the government’s initiative which aims to increase critical thinking abilities that are assessed by Pisa,” said Dr. ARIYABI WIJAYA, Yogyakarta State University.

“Through the pilot course, we will be able to report and present the report on the effectiveness of the educational aspects of exploration using scientific calculators. This information will continue to accumulate in the future, for officials from the Indonesian Ministry of Education and other educators. This means that exploring classes using scientific calculators will be more commonplace in the future of Indonesia’s education, which will increase students’ capacity to tackle issues. We are hoping to significantly contribute to the development of industrial human capital which will shape Indonesian society into the future,” said

Takuto Kimura, Casio Singapore.

Casio offers technological calculators for educational institutions all over the world to assist teachers to develop leaders and fulfilling the hopes of many children. (ANI)



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