Chef Damu out of Cook With Comali Show? What happens in CWC Season 3 Latest Episode

Chef Damu out of Cook With Comali Show

Simbu has made his return as a guest judge on the Cook with Comali Show. In a recent interview, Simbu said that the finale show would make everyone happy. The winner was declared as Chef Damu, while the other contestants and judges have been eliminated. The third season of the cooking reality TV show is on its way. The first season of the show was a hit, and Simbu is confident that it will be the same.

Damu was born on 3 September 1954 in Chennai, India. He is a Tamil Actor and a TV personality. He enjoys cooking and has millions of fans. He has appeared on several cooking shows and has a YouTube channel with over 1.32 million subscribers. In addition to being a judge on the show, he is also an actor, having appeared in many films. He is not the only celebrity to take to the cooking reality television show.

While in London, Damu is preparing a traditional meal with his daughter. This simple meal is high in medicinal value and is very healthy. He believes that food is medicine and that food is the best medicine. Despite being an experienced chef, he is still a novice on the show. He has a YouTube channel and plans to launch his own cookbook. While judging the competition, he has been promoting his YouTube channel.


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