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NEW DELHI: Armed with the consent of Attorney General K K Venugopal who granted permission to initiate contempt proceedings against Kunal Kamra, a group of students and advocates filed a contempt petition against the stand-up comedian for his unsavoury criticism of the Supreme Court after it granted bail to journalist Arnab Goswami. The petition, filed by advocate Nishant R Katneshwarkar on behalf of three advocates and two law students, alleged that Kamra’s tweets amounted to contempt of court and it was done to malign the image of the SC.
“Because, the tweets published by the alleged contemnor are in such bad taste that an ordinary prudent man can gather that the alleged contemnor has scandalised this court and further lowered the authority of this court. The citizens of India have highest regard to the courts of law. No law-abiding citizen of this country would tolerate such act of publication of tweets by the alleged contemnor,” the petition said.
The petitioner pointed out that Kamra was well aware about the consequences for his action and said “the alleged contemnor was fully aware of his action. When some persons tried to make the alleged contemnor aware about the contempt of this court, the alleged contemnor was rude, arrogant and unapologetic. The conduct of the alleged contemnor shows that he has no regard for this court. Therefore, this court should see that the alleged contemnor is punished under the provisions of the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971”.
The petitioners also attached the consent letter of the Attorney General who had on Thursday granted permission for criminal contempt proceeding against Kamra. The AG in his letter said Kamra’s tweets were “not only in bad taste but clearly crossed the line between humour and contempt of the court”. Venugopal specifically mentioned the comedian’s two controversial tweets but said other tweets are also highly objectionable but left it for the court to take a call whether those tweets also constitute contempt.
“Apart from this, is a picture of the Supreme Court building dressed in saffron colour with a flag of the ruling political party namely the BJP having replaced the tricolour. This is a gross insinuation against the entirety of the Supreme Court of India that the SC is not an independent and impartial institution and so too its judges, but on the other hand is a court of the ruling party, BJP … All this in my opinion constitutes criminal contempt of court,” Venugopal said in his letter.

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