Daily Objects Confirms Apple iPhone 12 Cases And Indicates Four iPhone Models Are Incoming


Daily Objects, a popular website for smartphone, laptop and smartwatch accessories, has confirmed that their line-up of the Apple iPhone 12 cases are incoming and will be available for customers around the same time the Apple iPhone 12 series goes on sale in India. At this time, there are no specific dates being mentioned but, the Daily Objects case line-up seems to indicate that there will be four Apple iPhone 12 variants. Indian company Daily Objects says the prices of the iPhone 12 series cases will start at Rs 1199. It is expected that when Apple finally unveils the 2020 line-up of the iPhones, we will see four variants. These may very well be the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The Apple iPhone 12 cases that will go on sale in the coming days are believed to integrate Air Cushion tech to protect the iPhone, particularly around the edges, in case of a fall. The case will have a raised rim, recessed back and an anti-slip grip. All these cases for the iPhone 12 series will be multi-layered and there will be different designs that you will be able to choose from. Daily Objects confirms that they will be able to ship the iPhone 12 cases in the coming days across India, to more than 26,000 serviceable pin codes. Apple will be announcing the new iPhone 12 series later today, and at this time, we do not have any specific dates on when the iPhone 12 series will be available for preorders and when they’ll go on sale in India.

Daily Objects will also be adding a new screen guard for the Apple iPhone 12 series. This screen guard, also a tempered glass variety, will be designed for privacy. It will restrict visibility of your Apple iPhone screen from side angles, so that no one standing anywhere around you is able to peek and see what is on your phone screen. The Apple iPhone 12 Privacy Glass Screen Protector will be priced between Rs 699 and Rs 899, depending on which iPhone 12 device you buy this for. At this time, the iPhone 12 cases and the Privacy Glass Screen Protector are not listed on the Daily Objects website, and we expect the listings to go Live soon.


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