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Daria Medvedeva

If you’re looking for more information on Daria Medvedeva, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got the Biography, Social Media Profiles, Physical Stats, and More! So get reading to learn more about this Russian boxer. But first, let’s get acquainted. Daria Medvedeva is the most successful female boxer in history, and her accomplishments are not limited to the boxing ring.


Daria Medvedeva is an athlete and sportswoman who is married to Russian tennis player Daniil. She was born and raised in Moscow, but has spent much of her life in Monaco, where she met her future husband. Daria and Daniil have two children together. Daria’s net worth is estimated at between $2 and $3 million USD, and her assets include jewelry and cars. Her net worth also includes the amount of money she’s earned through her career as a tennis player.

Daria Medvedeva is 26 years old. Her husband, Daniil, is a well-known Russian tennis player and an athlete. Their daughter, Irina, is also part of the Medvedev family. Daria has been involved in the sport since her early childhood, and is married to his tennis partner, Daniil. Daria’s height and weight are not available, but she’s 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her hair and eye colors are brown. Her body measurements are unknown.


Social Media Profiles

Daria Medvedeva is a famous Russian model and actress who was born in Moscow in 1995. She has maintained her social media profiles largely private. While she is now known mostly for her acting skills, Daria has also played tennis in her teenage years. She was among the top 100 junior tennis players in Russia before suffering a series of injuries that forced her to give up professional tennis. But that hasn’t stopped her from sharing her love for dogs on her social media profiles.

Daria began dating in 2014, and her love life has since blossomed. She started dating Daniil, who was a Russian sportsman before she began modeling. After the romance, she has remained in the modeling industry and has been working as Daniil’s personal assistant. Their relationship is reportedly based on Daria’s love of tennis. Daria and Daniil met while he was interviewing her for a magazine article. While her husband is a famous athlete, their relationship is a highly private one.

Physical Stats and More

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Daria Medvedeva is a Russian tennis player and the wife of famous Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev. The pair started dating when they were young and met at the university where Daniil studied. She also holds degrees in history and art. She is married to Daniil, a former tennis player, and lives in Monaco. Her net worth is estimated at between $2-3 million USD.

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