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Dear Evan Hansen is an adaptation of a drama of the same name. The powerful story explores the ideas of loneliness, isolation, fear and connection. Musical dramas have tremendous power to connect with the audience and to convey their emotions. This has resulted in the game 6 . has won Tony Awards and a gram. In 2021, the Broadway musical will also get a film version.

The change in platform, from drama to Big Screen or Film, is a big deal. Where an open stage is much rawer and grainier and more unfiltered, Big Screens are more about technical perfection and tonal accuracy. But good acting can’t be prevented by the change of platform and the youngsters have proven it once again.

The article below is about the movie version of the Broadway musical of the same name, Dear Evan Hansen.


The film is based on the 2015 Broadway musical drama by Steven Levenson. The music is composed by Benj Pasek & Justin Paul.


The 2021 film version will be directed by Steven Chobsky.

Story from Dear Evan Hansen

Evan Hansen is a high school student who suffers from social anxiety disorder. That is, Evan faces severe anxiety whenever he has to engage in conversation or discussion or any other form of communication. He is too uncomfortable to speak and although he wants to be heard, he cannot take a position without arousing his fear.

Evan has no friends. But he has a bully: Connor Murphy. He also has no friends, but he harasses Evan. Perhaps this should be seen as Connor’s own attempt to communicate. One day, however, Connor forcibly accepts a letter from Evan. This letter was an encouragement that Evan wrote to herself according to the therapist’s instructions.

After this letter was taken from him, Evan was ashamed that his letter would be published everywhere by Connor. But to our horror, we discover that Connor committed suicide and that Evan’s letter was found there, leading Connor’s parents to think they were both friends. The real story starts from here.

A deception with good intentions

Ethan tries to tell Connor’s parents that they weren’t friends. But he felt that sad parents cling to this little hope of friendship. So he keeps it a secret and instead encourages the idea of ​​this friendship.

But carrying this lie feels like a burden and every time he tries to clean it feels like it’s already too late.

Emotion in the age of the internet

The internet and social media have certainly improved the different ways of communication and somehow we continue to distance ourselves further from each other. Evan’s fictional friendship with Connor is taking the internet by storm. It made up the whole incident as reality.

This earns Evan a lot of affection. He feels that his emotions are no longer meaningless and he is finally being listened to. This is a pivotal point that the film tries to capture. We have become so dependent on external validation, especially through social media.

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Without knowing it, Evan may have wanted to be a part of it too.

The power of music

The burden of lying and guilt quickly spread. The viewers feel it too. At that point, music emerges as a form of catharsis. It takes us away from the sad and dark sides of life and everything starts to feel better with the melodic tunes meant to touch our souls.

Epiphany and a deep concern

At some point, Evan realizes how he capitalized on the accidental mistake and made a name for it. He does his best to undo it.

Also, the viewer realizes that the pressure to create a forced friendship and social intercourse to prove normality is simply terrible. Not everyone wants that. And perhaps we should think for a moment, if parents fail to bond with their own child, why do they expect others to succeed?

the confession

Dear Evan Hansen: Cast |  Release date |  Trailer |  Plot |  availabilty
With Evan, the main character from Dear Evan Hansen

In the drama when Evan confesses to the whole thing, it doesn’t turn out very well. The movie has a chance to redo it in a much better way. How will Connor’s parents react to the truth? Well, we’ll know soon.

Actors speak…

Ben starred in the Broadway musical a few years ago. In an interview, he said he still remembers the painful parts of the role. Playing a character with a complex psychological profile is extremely challenging and seriously scary. Ben plate agrees completely. In this case, however, being able to reach a large part of the audience created a lot of excitement and this excitement overtook the fear.

Kaitlyn Dever, who plays Zoe Murphy, says she loves sharing the screen with Platt. For Dever, it’s the resilience of Zoe’s character that attracts her. Both young stars don’t forget to mention that working with Juilanne Moore and Amy Adams is a wonderful experience. The team was incredible and felt very much like a family.

The cast of Dear Evan Hansen

the cast of Dear Evan Hansen
Featuring the cast of Dear Evan Hansen!
  • Ben Platt as Evan Hansen
  • Kaitlyn Dever as Zoe Murphy
  • Stenberg’s strength as Alana Beck
  • Nik Dodani as Jared Kalwani
  • Colton Ryan as Connor Murphy
  • Danny Pino as Larry Murphy
  • Julianne Moore as Heidi Hansen
  • Amy Adams as Cynthia Murphy

Dear Evan Hansen release date

The film is scheduled for release on September 24, 2021.

Dear Evan Hansen Available on:

It will definitely be a theatrical release. So we have no future prospects for streaming services.


The title of the drama-oriented film has been chosen wisely. It’s a letter of assurance to yourself. In a world where everything seems to fall apart so easily, it seems very natural to deal with new things. It is indeed scary.

But this venture tries to answer how things can go wrong when we are always ruled by fear. We must learn to live freely. Not having people in life doesn’t automatically make us worthless. We must find our true and meaningful purpose for a more peaceful existence.

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