Dexter New Blood Episode 1: Review, Plot Overview with Possible Spoilers

Dexter New Blood Episode 1: Review, Plot Overview with Possible Spoilers
Dexter New Blood Episode 1: Review, Plot Overview with Possible Spoilers

Director: Marcos Siega


Cast: Michael C. Hall, Jack Alcott, Julia Jones, Johnny Sequoyah, Alano Miller, Jennifer Carpenter, Clancy Brown

Current Platform: Voot

Ratings: 3.5/5 (three and a half stars)

The dark passenger has returned. Eight years after parting ways with Dexter Morgan, the Jeff Lindsay-created psychopath returns to television with “Dexter: New Blood‘. A miniseries/season 9 that promised to make up for the bad taste in our mouths that the ending of the original series left us. Will he succeed? Not because the series is better or worse — we’ll get to that — but because of that baggage that all fictions that return with a late sequel carry with them. A backpack full of expectations and sketches to try to show that this return was worthwhile and to convince both the loyal and the most disappointed. And if they attract new viewers, by the way, welcome.

This intent to please everyone obscures the rationale behind ‘Dexter: New Blood’ and is often carried through in the script. That’s how those false tense moments the series has always played with – Dexter stalking someone with a machete and we’ve been revealed it’s to cut something better – remain. more of a parody than a wink. Because I hope they use them as a wink.

Dexter New Blood Episode 1 Review: Story

As a screenwriter Clyde Phillips unfolds the story efficiently: Michael C. Hall’s character lives in a small forest town, calls himself Jim Lindsay, and has a police girlfriend. He hasn’t killed in ten years and in fact the absence of the signature voiceover confirms that idea of ​​new life. Which isn’t to say he doesn’t have ghosts from the past, that in fact he will continue to see his sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) as his current Jiminy Cricket.

Dexter New Blood Episode 1

The eight seasons of ‘Right’ are built around the actor’s moral dilemmas. Not only the fact of a normal life, being happy with a wife and children, trying to hide their dark secret from them, but also complying neatly with Harry’s code and, in the event that his desire to kill is irreparable, ensuring that the victim is someone. scum released from the system. So we come across these new episodes and wonder when and how we’ll see Dexter’s murderous face again. In my opinion, that moment maybe too early and too impulsive for what we could take from the character we’ve led for so long.

We can’t deny that everything points to ‘Dexter: New Blood’ being will be completely true to its essence. Already in this opening hour we can see that we are going to get those classic ingredients from the formula: there is a clue of a possible killer under the radar (the disappearances we see at the police station), the own investigation friends (in this case girlfriend) those touches of humor and other bells and whistles there and here.

The assessment and analysis

Everything is there, but it lacks some elegance?. Even the replacement of a series credits as iconic as those of the series with a poster that seems improvised points to a certain carelessness in the details. And it’s those details that make the difference. What we can say is that the return of Phillips, who we can say are the best seasons of the series, shows that this new universe is very well introduced and developed. We immediately have a clear picture of where we are going and what Dexter’s life has been like in the little over two years he has been in Iron Lake.

Yes, there are questions in the pipeline about what his life was like before he got there, but they go to a completely secondary level when the priority is to build this new world.

the last words

In short ‘Dexter: New Blood‘ takes a little less solidity than we would have liked, the adventures of the psychopathhuh. The once-great Showtime series (certainly one that put the cable network on the map) returns with a healthy dose of intrigue and begs for some patience. We’ll see if it’s worth it, the first episode is phenomenal and we’re totally impressed with it.

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