Did Sonu Sood mortgage 8 properties in Juhu to raise Rs. 10 crore for the needy? – Times of India


2020 was a difficult year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, it was Bollywood actor Sonu Sood who emerged as a savior for thousands of people amid the situation. From helping migrants reach their destinations to air lighting Indians from different parts of the world, the actor left no stone unturned to help the needy.

While his humanitarian contributions have been widely recognized, reportedly, the actor has mortgaged eight properties in Juhu, Mumbai to raise a loan of Rs.10 crore for the needy. According to a report of a news portal, these properties include two shops and six flats which were under the joint ownership of Sonu Sood and his wife, Sonali Sood.

Allegedly, the loan agreement was signed on September 15, followed by the registration process on November 24 with a fee of Rs 5 lakh. Sources also add that the building is located on the AB Nayar Road of the Juhu area in Mumbai.


Now, these 8 properties have been mortgaged in favour of Standard Chartered Bank.

Earlier, talking about the number of help requests received by Sonu, the actor had shared on Twitter, “1137. mails 19000. fb messages 4812. Insta messages, 6741. twitter messages, Today’s HELP messages. On an average these are the number of requests I get for HELP. It is humanly impossible to reach out to everyone. I still try my best. Apologies if I missed your message.”


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