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Digimon Adventure Episode 45: release date, watch online and spoilers



Digimon Adventure Episode 45: release date, watch online and spoilers
Digimon Adventure Episode 45: release date, watch online and spoilers

Digimon Adventure Episode 45: release date, watch online and spoilers

Digimon Adventure Episode 45: Taichi and the Chosen are still in the digital world. During their journey, they encounter two kings of rappers who challenge them to find out who the real king of Digimon is. Taichi and the crew were defeated on their first attempt. They decided to back down after discovering that the two rapists flow with rhymes. Later they came back and claimed the title of King of Digimon. The two rapists accepted defeat and agree that the chosen ones are the true king of Digimon.

The Chosen Ones and their partner Digimon continue their journey in the digital world. Digital World is an unknown world in which Digimon lives. They still want to avoid the rival of the bringer of destruction and darkness, Millenniumon. They both walked to the sealed ground known as FAGA. The chosen ones stop at the nearby forest since traveling through the desert. They are looking for something to eat and drink. Taichi told everyone to split up and find something to eat and drink.

Previously in Digimon Adventure episode 44

Hikaru steps on a root of a tree and notices that they are moving. Tailmon asks her what’s going on, and Hirari reveals that the forest is alive. Suddenly everything started to shake and the chosen ones wonder what is happening to the forest. Taichi realizes they are on top of Digimon. Petal Dramon is emerging from the ground. Petal Dramon screams, and Hikari notices it. The Chosen One teams up with their partner Digimon to see if Petal Dramon is a threat.

Izzy began to investigate and wondered if the forest is carried or if the forest is the body. He communicates with Taichi and reveals that the forest has taken some damage. Hikari was attacked by the thorny forest and Tailmon rescues her before she is injured. They both saw thorny forest fly away and they wonder why they were attacked. Hikari chases through the thorny forest and Taichi calls out her name. She discovers that there are things that eat the forest.

Tailmon arrives and uses Niko’s punch to stop the evil Digimon from eating the forest. Metalgreymon attacks with Baby Flame and burns the evil Digimon. After defeating the evil Digimon, Taichi notices that the forest was protecting Hikari. Izzy reveals that it is the black bugs that damaged the forest. They ate the forest of the giant Digimon. Izzy told others that the giant Digimon is on the move and going somewhere. Hikari asks for the names of the giant Digimon and she reveals that she is Petal Dramon.

Legendary Digimon

Digimon Adventure Episode 45: release date, watch online and spoilers

Digimon adventure

Tailmon reveals that Petal Dramon is an existence known as the living forest of great ancient power. The elect cannot believe they are meeting the legendary Digimon. Petal Dramon continues to move with the chosen ones.
They also discover that Muchomon and Puwamon live in this forest.

Muchomon and Puwamon reveal that they stayed when Taichi and the others were dangerous. They have been in hiding since the Chosen Arrived. But they find that the Chosen have chased away the bugs and decided to show up. Muchomon reveals that they have lived here for many years, since their home forest disappeared. Their house was attacked by those black bugs and bigger Digimon. The forest was eaten and it stopped growing.

Petal Dramon keeps moving to avoid the same fate. Muchomon also reveals that Petal Dramon is the one who saves them and gives them a new home. Petal Dramon fought on their journey. Puwamon notes that they cannot forgive those who damaged their forest. They are now traveling with Petal Dramon because they have nowhere to go.

Taichi notes that it means that there are Digimon eating forest. Izzy reveals that those Digimon eating woods are Petal Dramon’s old nemesis. Later, the chosen ones help Petal Dramon defeat her enemies. Petal Dramon evolves and defeats its enemies with the help of the chosen ones. After the battle of Petal, Dramon infiltrates the forest and trees in the desert began to grow.

Digimon Adventure Episode 45 Release date and preview

Digimon Adventure Episode 45 will be released Sunday, April 25, 2021 at 9:00 am JST. The new episode of this anime airs every Sunday. You can also watch this Anime at Crunchyroll and AnimeLab

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