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Do You Know Eva Longoria Never Throws Her Shoes Away?



Do You Know Eva Longoria Never Throws Her Shoes Away?


Actress Eva Longoria has revealed that she never gets rid of any of her shoes. She has a special closet for her old pairs.

“With my shoes, I never say, ‘Thank you and goodbye.’ I’m like, thank you and I move it to the other closet. I can’t part, and my husband goes, ‘Why do you keep all these shoes?’ I’m like, ‘I’m a shoe collector.’ As if I’m an art collector. It’s a thing,” she told People magazine.

She adds that she shares a special relationship with her Louboutins as they have grown together.

“I feel like Louboutins came of age when I was coming into my fame, or when I was coming into my popularity. I feel like we have a relationship of growing together. So it was like the shoe to have at the moment when I started Desperate Housewives,” she said.

She added: “I just remember just craving having a collection of many Louboutins. But really the main pair I wanted, which was very hard to get because I have a very small foot, it was always sold out, this patent leather nude.”

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