Dunali Part 3 Ullu Web Series 2021 Full Episode Review Cast Actress Real Name Watch Online


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Her entertainment lovers, the rather sensational web show Dunali, is about to release a new 3rd part to once again amaze their fans. The Ullu platform got the hype from this kind of web shows because it entertains the viewers a lot and everyone knows that the previous 2 parts of Dunali were blockbusters. So now upon the demand of countless fans, creators are bringing it among them, so learn more about the series such as star cast, story plot, release date, production house details and much more, check out further information below.

Dunali Part 3 Ullu Web Series 2021 Full Episode Review Cast Actress Real Name Watch OnlineThe previous parts met the expectations of their fans and became hugely successful in a short time. That’s why the creators are releasing new parts early, because a lot of people are watching every activity of the creators because they are confident that they are thinking about releasing it, and their speculation was spot on. Since the third part of Dunali will be released on the Ullu app on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, the promo has been officially released and massively watched by the people. That’s why they like to get all the essential details so that they can’t miss it.

The third part starts from where the last one ended and this time the makers assure that this part will be surprising enough as they up the suspense and fantasy level a little more. So you can assume how great the episode would be, and when it comes to the story plot, the story starts with Samir and his friend. When Samir gets Vinay’s call, but due to urgency, he doesn’t get the call, and after a while the house owner comes to take the rent. But Sameer replies that he will give rent to his wife until the evening.

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  • Shubham Deorukhar as Sameer
  • Prerna Singh as Riya
  • Hitesh Makhija as Rohano
  • Nehal Vadolia as Shakshi
  • Babul Bhavesar as Rakesh

After a while, Radha’s friend Vinay expresses his anger that Sameer has not yet paid the rent and assures that she will take the rent with a hook or by crook. Then the house owner gets the book from Sameer in which Tantrik Baba’s trick is written, and he decides to apply them to his blessing. So we have mentioned all the essential details about the series that will help you to get it at the time of release. So check it out at the right time and stay connected with us for more updates.

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