Education Ministry to recognise in-service training received by ‘Agniveers’ as credits for graduation

Education Ministry to recognise in-service training


The Union Cabinet approved an attractive recruitment program for Indian youth to join the armed forces. To enhance the career prospects of Agniveers, and to equip them for various jobs in the civilian sector, the Ministry of Education will launch a three-year, skill-based bachelor’s degree program.

For the implementation of the scheme, Army, Navy, and Air Force will sign the Memoranda of Understanding with IGNOU.

A three-year, skill-based bachelor’s degree program would be offered to serving defence personnel. It will recognize their skill training during their time in the defense establishments.

Union Cabinet approved a recruitment scheme for Indian youth that will allow them to join the Armed Forces called “Agnipath” on June 14, 2022. This scheme will give rise to the term ‘Agniveers’ for the youth who are selected. Agnipath is a program that allows motivated, patriotic youth to serve in Armed Forces for four years. Agnipath was created to promote a young profile in the Armed Forces.

This program, which was designed by IGNOU and will be implemented by them, will see 50% of the credits for a graduate degree come from the skills training received by the Agniveer.

The remaining 50% will be drawn from a variety of courses, including languages, history, politics, public administration, sociology, mathematics, education, commerce, tourism, vocational studies, agriculture, and Jyotish. There are also Ability Enhancement Courses for Environmental Studies and English Communication Skills.

This program is in line with UGC norms as well as the National Credit Framework/National Skill Qualification Framework, (NSQF), as mandated by the National Education Policy 2020.

There are three exit points to the program: Undergraduate Certificate upon successful completion of second-year courses; Undergraduate Diploma upon successful completion or third-year courses; and Degree upon completion of all courses within three years.

The program’s framework has been recognized by the relevant regulatory bodies: The all India Council for Technical Education, National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET), and UGC.

IGNOU will award a degree by UGC nomenclature (BA, B. Com. Com.


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