End of Film Archive Declared: All About the Sci-Fi of 2020


This article explains the end of Archive. Plus, we learn all about the sci-fi of 2020. Science fiction is a genre that evolves with the evolution of real-world technologies. As a result, it attracts a large audience. Likewise, more and more people are starting to discuss the movies and the concept they are based on. Among the various concepts, artificial intelligence has kept pace. Therefore, a significant number of films have been made that focus on the AI ​​concept. Such is the concept behind Archive. Since its July 2020 release, the film has been a hot topic of discussion. Moreover, there is enthusiastic talk about the end of Archive.

It is a film directed by Gavin Rothery, with which Archive makes his directorial debut. Likewise, Gavin wrote the film. Archive was originally scheduled for March 2020. However, the Covid-19 pandemic delayed its release. What the public fantasizes about is the time in which the Archive takes place. Yes, you understood that correctly. It is not based on the present time. Instead, Archive is set in the year 2038. The concept shown in the film is therefore very advanced. Most likely it reflects what our future could be. Therefore, it was natural to discuss the plot and characters of the science fiction thriller. Plus, it’s a confusing ending like any other sci-fi movie has left us scratching our heads.

End of Film Archive Declared: All About the Sci-Fi of 2020

What is archive about?

Archive is a science fiction film based on the concept of artificial intelligence. The film is a great thriller that gives our body and mind shivers. It is a story about a man named George Almore who is a robotics engineer. The story revolves around his life with his pregnant wife. He works in a company called Archives and develops three different human-equivalent AI. Well, all these things happen in his consciousness. This is the turn of the film. Whatever George has done, from creating three prototypes to blaming himself for the death of his wife and child, everything is a false story. In reality, he is the one who died.

In the first part of the film, George asks his wife to sign up for a project where their consciousness will be intact in analog form for years after their deaths. It sounded absurd to Jules, his wife, and she denied it. However, George went ahead with the concept and registered himself. Based on 2038, this concept of storing one’s consciousness seems real. Later, George and his wife encounter an accident. What happened after the accident is in reality far from what is shown.

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According to George’s consciousness, his carelessness caused him to lose his child and wife in that accident. That is why he continues with a project in Archive and creates three prototypes: J1, J2 and J3. The first two cannot live up to his expectations. However, the J3 prototype is exactly what he expected. He expresses his wish to remove J3’s consciousness from Jules’s so that he can keep in touch with his wife. However, the ending reveals the truth that he is dead and not his wife, Jules.

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