Euphoria Season 2: 10 TWEETS that rightly sum up what the audience has to say about the Zendaya starrer

Fans have finally given their verdict on HBO’s Euphoria which has released a brand new season featuring Zendaya and Jacob Elordi. It is available for fans in India on Disney+Hotstar and the season has Twitter lauding the actors and the mysterious storylines. Some fans are of the opinion that not much has changed since Season 1, but the entire series has become darker and more truthful in its approach.

Netizens have also noted that the first episode of the second season has moments that they wish weren’t in the series. Some of them are gruesome, to say the least as Euphoria promises an honest portrayal of the characters’ lives. Many fans are of the opinion that apart from being darker, the second season has been more frightening. While only the first episode has been out for the public, the audience is already sharing their views on the grungy plot of the series.

Emmy-winning actress Zendaya stars as Rue Bennett and has been dealing with the other high schoolers and their troublesome activities. But, through it all, the very first episode of the show stands true to its apparent theme, which is, the lives of the teenagers taking centre stage as they have been exploring their sexualities, understanding their souls and managing their unfiltered difficulties.


Here are 10 tweets that sum up fans’ reactions to the second season of HBO’s Euphoria:

What are your thoughts about the series and the characters? Share your honest opinions about Euphoria in the comments below.

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