Ever Given in Your Backyard? This App Lets You Place Suez Canal-blocking Ship Anywhere With a Click


The giant cargo ship Ever Given that was lodged sideways in the Suez Canal in Egypt for over a week had been the topic of much discussion and consternation for people across the world. The ship was finally floated back on route on Monday after continuous efforts using tugboats, sand dredges were involved. Amidst all this, the internet had a lot of free time and thus, out came an application that allowed for social media users to place the boat on a terrain map anywhere on the earth. Sounds fun?

Well, as quirky as the idea seems, social media users all across have been hopping on to the application made by user @en_dash and are having fun lodging the giant vessel anywhere they want on the earth.

Garrett Dash Nelson wrote on Twitter, “I took 10 minutes out of my life to create [email protected] app that lets you wedge the Ever Given anywhere you want in the world. Here it is stuck in Boston Harbor,” he tweeted.

Garrett shared pictures he took of the vessel stuck in places such as Bellagio in Las Vegas, Panama Canal and at the Hudson river.

Garrett’s application soon became the internet’s favourite with everyone jumping in to use it to place the Ever Given on the most unlikeliest of places!

Garrett’s app is not the first one to give a hilarious or quirky twist to the Suez canal Ever Given situation. A parody dating app was also set up to help the singles aboard the ships to ‘find love.’ Created by San Francisco artist, Danielle Baskin, the app is called ‘Forever Given,’ a play on the container stuck, Ever Given. The hilarious site comes with tag lines you’d find on Tinder or Bumble, “If the Suez Canal can connect two oceans, it can connect you to your dream match,” and “Are you on a Russian warship? An oil products tanker? An eCommerce container ship? Check out some of the vessels nearby.”

The vessel reportedly got a boost from a high tide caused by a supermoon — a full moon that raises water levels with its strong gravitational pull on the Earth.


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