Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6 Review: Al and Isabelle Reckon With the Past

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6 Review: Al and Isabelle Reckon With the Past
Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6 Review: Al and Isabelle Reckon With the Past

Example: would Al really leave her camera behind? It is well known that her camera is her life – that she lives to capture the stories of strangers. So much so that she would rather do interviews than be with Isabelle. And yet she leaves her camera in her truck for a random person to steal.


The fact that Morgan finds Al so easy is also hard to swallow. Why does he possess such supernatural tracking abilities, except for the convenience of stories? Indeed, despite the ever-present threats of zombies and deadly radiation, Morgan is nevertheless a walking… God of the machine, randomly popping up at appropriate times.

When Morgan finds the empty SWAT van, does he immediately try to talk to Al on the radio? No, because that would make sense. Instead, he grabs her camera and records a message for her. I think this is his way of speaking Al’s language? Frankly, I have no idea. Plus, the two are quickly (and conveniently) reunited anyway, just as the Civic Republic’s military soldiers show up to complicate things further.

I realize that conflict is good for storytelling, but Fear can only dangle the CRM root for so long as a way to keep viewers hooked. Right now, CRM has its hands in three Walking Dead properties, so why continue to withhold details about this paramilitary organization? Distract us with cult leaders as you please, but sooner or later our survivors have to discover the real threat that CRM represents to them.

“Complaint” naturally suffers from other problems. Treating hikers as occasional problems completely removes their threat. By doing this, the episode essentially robs Fear of his very target. Even the fallout from Teddy’s bombs is only dangerous if the plot is right. Why else are characters so inconsistent about wearing masks? (And yes, I realize this question is bigger than Fear yourself.)

More bickering: how does Grace know? precisely where do you find them under the viaduct? And why do the CRM soldiers hold their fire just long enough for Morgan and Al to climb into the car? Perhaps more importantly, why aren’t Morgan and Al immediately followed? Wouldn’t it be much easier to track a car from above? Does it matter though? If the writers don’t care about this sort of thing, why should we?

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