Fulfill your dreams of Studying Abroad – Opt for GMAT

Fulfill your dreams of Studying Abroad

If a student has ever dreamt of studying abroad and wondered how to proceed, here is the answer. GMAT can fulfill all your dreams and make them come true. What is a GMAT? The GMAT is a multiple-choice, computer-based and computer-adaptive exam which is required for admission to management studies globally. GMAT measures the candidate’s ability to analyze and evaluate written material, think critically, and solve problems. Knowledge on arithmetic, algebra, geometry and grammar are the key for a good GMAT score. More importantly, a high score on the GMAT creates an impact on the business school application.

How to apply for GMAT 

Candidates have the option to take the GMAT online or at a test center. Based on their feasibility, they can choose the option. The slots for GMAT exam can be booked 6 months in advance. Candidates need to log in to mba.com for GMAT Registration. The GMAT fee for both the GMAT test center and online exam registrations is US$275 inclusive of GST (INR 21757.59). The online exam slot booking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Candidates can register themselves up to 24 hours before an available exam date.

GMAT Scoring Pattern

GMAT is a computer adaptive exam. The way of scoring is quite different for these types of exams. In a computer adaptive test, the computer at the start, assumes that the candidate has an average score. Then it provides a question of medium difficulty. If the candidate answers the question correctly, the computer increases the difficulty level slowly. Similarly, when a candidate answers a question incorrectly, the computer decreases the difficulty level and provides easier questions. The scoring pattern is determined by an algorithm that calculates the ability level of the candidate. It is based not only on what the candidate got right or wrong but also on the difficulty level of the questions that were answered. There are 4 sections in a GMAT Exam. 

  1. Analytical Writing Assessment
  2. Integrated Reasoning
  3. Quantitative Reasoning
  4. Verbal Reasoning

Different sections of GMAT has different types of questions. The candidates can select which section they want to attempt at first. The structure is as follows:

SectionsWhat it isTime LimitQuestion TypeScore Range
GMAT Analytical Writing AssessmentThis test measures your ability to think critically and to communicate your ideas30 Minutes
1 Question
Analysis of an Argument0-6(in 0.5-point increments)
GMAT Integrated ReasoningIt measures your ability to analyze data and evaluate information presented in multiple formats30 minutes
12 questions
Graphics Interpretation, Table Analysis, Multi-source Reasoning, Two-part Analysis1-8(in 1-point increments)
GMAT Quantitative ReasoningThis test measures your ability to analyze data and draw conclusions using reasoning skills62 minutes
31 questions
GMAT Data Sufficiency, Problem Solving6-51(in 1-point increments)
GMAT Verbal ReasoningIt measures your ability to read and understand written material, to evaluate arguments and to correct written material to conform to standard written English65 minutes
36 questions
Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction6-51(in 1-point increments)

Top Colleges and Cut Off Score 

The minimum Cut-Off ranges 650 and above for both national and international colleges. The cut-off marks are determined by an institution are based on various factors. Candidates must keep the cut-off in mind and strive harder to crack the examination. The more marks they get, they will have a better chance to get admitted in a top college. This will also ensure that they may get enlisted in the cut-off list.

Top Colleges in USA

1Stanford GSB733
2Wharton (UPenn)732
3Chicago Booth726
4Harvard Business School725
5Kellogg (Northwestern)724
6Yale SOM721
7New York Stern720
8Tuck (Dartmouth)717
9MIT Sloan716
10Columbia University715
11Berkeley Haas715
12UCLA Anderson713
13Ross Michigan708
14Darden (Virginia)706
15UNC Kenan-Flagler701

Top Colleges in Europe

CollegesGMAT ScoreCountry
HEC – Paris682France
IE Business School672Spain
Mannheim Business School671Germany
IESE Business School – Navarra669Spain
SDA Bocconi665Italy
University of St. Gallen656Switzerland

Preparation Tips for GMAT

Candidates must know that strategy and planning the GMAT process is the most important thing. Without a proper planning and strategy, they will not be able o get admission in the desired business school. They must find out the country and university where they want to study and select the program. Once these are determined, without wasting time, students must check the application dates. These dates vary from university to university. After applying for GMAT, they need to focus on preparation. Few tips that they need to know are:

  1. Focus – The GMAT is a unique computer-adaptive format. This means that candidates will not be able to skip a hard question and come back to it later to solve it. They must pick an answer and move on. Hence, focussing on one question at a time is important. If the students feel that they have incorrectly answered one, they should not keep on thinking about the question. They should focus on the present one. 
  2. Recognizing ability – It is very important to understand one’s ability to compete on this level. Students must know what they lack so that they can practise and perform better on that subject. 
  3. Time Management – It is a time bound test and hence, time management is important. Candidates must keep a track of time so they can train themselves to efficiently solve problems. They will need to pace themselves as they work through the four timed sections on practice exams.
  4. Practise – The most important part in any exam and life. As the proverb goes – Practice makes a man perfect. The more they practise, they will be able to handle the test efficiently. They will also know how to overcome difficulties faced during the examination. 
  5. Know the GMAT – It is very important to know every section and the way it is scored. This will help to improve the score in the exam. 

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