Getting pregnant in your 20s, 30s and 40s: What you need to know | The Times of India


Becoming pregnant in your 20s is not just the safest time to conceive, but it is also when you are the most fertile. Your eggs are fresh and healthy during this time and so it raises your chances of getting pregnant and also ensures a safe pregnancy. However, women in their 20s can still experience infertility. While the quality of your eggs may not be the concern, your ovarian reserve may lack the necessary numbers of eggs required to ensure a pregnancy.

Other factors such as unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking can affect fertility in younger women. Apart from that, maintaining a health weight with regular physical activities can boost fertility in young women.

From a social perspective, becoming a mother at a young age may have its cons too. If you’re settled in life and have a secure future, then surely you can plan a family, however, given that raising a child can be challenging, you must also take other things into consideration.

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